Selling to consumers can be challenging, but selling to other businesses is trickier. If you take B2B sales as an easy affair, you are in for a rude shock. B2B sales is a high-stakes sales game that needs a unique approach. 

Most B2B sales organizations invest a lot in increasing their visibility in the market and make actual sales. Some of the strategies that B2B sales organizations engage in include link earning and social media. If you form part of B2B Sales Leadership, you may want to keep reading to discover four no-cost, quick tips to propel your sales.

  1. Adopt a Layout with Complete Account View

There are many sales tools in the market to make your B2B sales more efficient and easier. Most of these tools help you get a good view of the account and contact you, which is a top priority for any B2B organization looking to increase sales. 

However, instead of just investing time looking into similar accounts, it is crucial to configure duplicate accounts and leads from the same account. Putting together duplicate accounts helps the salespeople discover accounts and contacts that belong to the same parent account. In addition, configuring duplicate accounts and contacts enables upsell, cross-sell, and effective communication.  

2. Hand Over New Opportunity to Account Executive

Usually, the Sales Development Representative (SDR) team creates a new opportunity (from net new accounts) then hands it over to the account executive. The SDR team is made up of sales reps who focus more on inbound lead generation. They move leads through the sales funnel, qualify prospects, and set up qualified sales appointments.  

On the other hand, opportunities from qualified accounts, or from the accounts with open opportunities can directly be given to the Account Executive (AE). It is easier to close deals when you establish trust and rapport with your prospects, and this is why the account executive will first get to know the potential buyer to establish trust and a good rapport with them. 

3. Qualify Sales Lead before Handing it over to Account Executive

For net new accounts or prospects, it may be very expensive to have them directly qualified by Account Executives. Since an Account Executive’s time is valuable, AEs are usually expensive to hire. You can cut costs by qualifying a lead before handing it over to the AE. This move will reduce AE’s extra work of qualifying the lead and save you some coins.  

The SDR team can take up the role of qualifying a lead. It is economical both in terms of money and time to have the SDR team pre-qualify for the lead before passing the account over to the AE. 

4. Carefully Handle Lead Assignment When Uploading to CRM

Customer Relationship Manager, abbreviated as CRM, is software that manages prospects’ and customers’ information. The sales, customer support, or marketing departments are responsible for maintaining this crucial information at a central location.  

Automatic lead assignments are ideal as they save time instead of manual lead assignments, which take a lot of time and are usually prone to error. 

It is advisable to identify the sales rep before uploading the event attendee list. You can indicate the sales rep’s name in a column beside the event list. You can then use the same list to assign leads to sales reps automatically. Ensure that the leads are followed while the event encounter is fresh in mind. 

From the above four no-cost and highly effective ways to improve your sales, it is clear that you do not have to break the bank to improve your sales significantly. These can most likely be achieved with existing infrastructure and people. Instead, stick to these effective tips and watch your sales grow as you shorten the sales cycle. You cancontact us to help you get started.


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