Fresh, valid, and clean data is the lifeline of B2B marketing, including direct mail or email marketing. It determines your company’s ROI and success, especially for large blue-chip companies. These companies experience many changes: employees leave or get promoted to higher offices, while some move to other departments. The companies may also change premises and shift to a new location, or close down altogether.

Keeping B2B data for such companies can be quite problematic, especially when it comes to lists. You could be dealing with wrong names, or wrong entries, or just obsolescent data that renders marketing campaigns ineffective. But our professionals at LeadAngel- Lead Routing Software are on hand to help you manage your B2B data for successful marketing.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your B2B marketing data management.

Create a cross-functional data team
The first step in managing your B2b marketing data is constituting a cross-functional data team. Cross-functional because you will need cross-functional solutions when handling data matching and lead to account matching – two vital concepts in B2B marketing strategies. This committee can also pilot new technology or partner with us to automated lead routing in Salesforce.

Improve your data
Start by cleaning your data to improve the quality of your database. Cleaning data involves the following activities:

● Expunging records that don’t target buyers or don’t influence any sales
● Getting rid of duplicate contact records
● Reformatting common data elements such as industry, phone numbers, titles, and others
● Appending information to incomplete records or replacing inaccurate data.

These activities can be cumbersome, but they are nothing compared to wasted resources, insufficient lead flow, and ineffective spending.

Identify your most valuable prospects
Be sure your programs and strategies target the people or businesses that are most likely to purchase your products. Start by analyzing past purchase records and identify firmographic and demographic criteria, such as industries, titles, company size, and geographies, correlating with accounts that buy frequently from you. It is one of the fruits of your lead to accounting matching activities. Compare the records with your contact list to identify your most valuable prospects.

Incorporate data from quality sources
Obtaining new leads isn’t exactly easy if you are operating on limited resources or have few outlets for harvesting new contacts. You may opt to buy data from third parties but have to be sure it is validated to garner greater returns. This data should also help you fill your pipeline with new sales leads, something possible only if the data is actionable and accurate.

Plan for automation
Continuous data monitoring and maintenance are critical to the success of your marketing strategies because data is ever-changing. Manual data quality management may not always be scalable or sustainable; hence, the need for an automated approach for cleaning your database. You can engage us at LeadAngel to remove the personnel cost of cleaning your marketing data internally, keep your email deliverability high, and provide enhanced campaign performance, such a data matching.

Learn your data to ask the right questions
Have a clear picture of the amount of data your business handles across its revenue lifecycle. Find out if you need all that data and whether you can track it and take stock of all the sources of data. Determining the age of the data is also vital as it allows accurate data matching after getting rid of inaccurate or redundant records from mailing lists.

If the amount of data your firm generates is overwhelming, rest easy, and trust us to provide all B2B marketing data management. Try our smart lead distribution software for your data matching strategies, and see your company move to new heights. Contact us today for more information on how you can improve your B2B marketing data management.

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