We founded LeadAngel after years of leading sales and marketing operations departments. The challenges were always the same: leads would come in and it would take a team of sales operations colleagues way too much time to filter and distribute the leads to salespeople and account owners. Great leads would get buried in a pile of duplicate leads and inquiries from competitors. Existing accounts with a dedicated account rep might get calls from a salesperson who had no idea the company was already a customer. Senior management would ask about the state of the sales funnel and the answer was vague–how many of the new leads were truly new and from interesting targets? The lead processes we saw were slow, frustrating, and imprecise, and from our conversations with colleagues at other firms, it wasn’t much better elsewhere.

We couldn’t find a better product to fix these problems so we decided to build our own. We are now proud to be the gold standard in the automated lead processing industry. We have helped hundreds of companies get their best leads to the right person right away. We eliminated the dreaded black hole that leads often fall into when an outdated lead distribution rule routes a lead to a salesperson who is too busy, works on a different geography, or has left the company. We bring order and speed to an area of sales where confusion has reigned.

We look forward to speaking with you and exploring how we can improve lead management at your company. Or perhaps you’re interested in working for LeadAngel? We’re always hiring and would love to chat. Either way, we promise your inbound interest won’t get lost in our funnel.

Meet Our Team

Ashutosh is a Sales Leader whose main area of interest lies in solving complex sales, safety, and customer experience problems.

Global insights into workplace performance and a keen understanding of skill gap reduction methods have helped him scale LeadAngel from the ground-up on a shoe-string budget to a profitable and successful lead routing and management platform. 

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Deepak brings his extreme passion for Sales and Marketing Operations tools and technologies to work everyday at LeadAngel. After working across Sales Operations functions in various firms in the past, and understanding how businesses suffer in the absence of B2B lead management, he is helping shape the future at LeadAngel and route qualified business leads to our clientele and their sales teams.

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