Round Robin Sales Team

Round Robin sales team is to create a group of Sales People whom you would like to route leads in round robin way. There is no limit on number of Round Robin Sales Team you can create.

Commonly Round Robin Sales Team is created using sales reps manager, location or sales rep names. All the “user” attributes in your CRM is available to define the Round Robin Sales Team.

Leads are assigned only to the active members of the sales team.

To create a Round Robin Sales Team,

1. Expand the “Sales Team” menu and right click on the “Round Robin Sales Team”


2. Enter a unique and easy to remember name for the Round Robin Sales Team and optional description

3. Drag the Sales Rep Attribute to create a filter. Select appropriate operator and filter values

4. Optionally, modify the default filter if more than one attributes are selected

5. Changes are auto saved. Approve the draft by Right Clicking the newly created Round Robin Sales Team