Lead management is the most important part of obtaining new clients. LeadAngel’s Fuzzy Matching Algorithm service gives businesses just like yours the ability to custom-define back-end processing so that you get the data and reports that are most valuable to your enterprise. What can Fuzzy Matching do for you? You’re in the right place! Unleash the possibilities with LeadAngel’s powerful and versatile service that can integrate seamlessly with the needs of your company.

Custom Solutions for Your Custom Business

Your business’s operations are one-of-a-kind, which means that an out-of-the-box solution will not help you reach your full potential. Fuzzy Matching Software Service allows users to custom set their own business logic and rules based on their needs. This ensures that the information provided is of value to your company and will help you grow and scale.

Fuzzy Matching Algorithm

Variety of Deployment Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Choose from two different deployment options. The first is a cost-effective shared SaaS deployment for easy configuration. The second is a fully-managed service that will take the burden off of your team and let LeadAngel’s team do what they do best, provide superior name matching services without any of the hassles.

The best part is that no matter which option you choose from Company Name Matching Algorithm Service, your company will have access to a full suite of APIs which help you define your own lead routing, reporting, and advanced analytics processes.

Unsurpassed Speed

Time is money and your team does not have time to waste matching records using a slow system. Matching Company Names is a top priority of Fuzzy Matching Algorithm designed to match thousands of records per second. The service gives you the option to match records individually or in bulk.

Fuzzy Matching Software
Fuzzy Matching Secured SSL Encryption.

Enterprise-Level Security

Security is the top priority of your company. LeadAngel’s Fuzzy Matching software works on an encrypted SSL web protocol. This means that you can rest assured that sensitive data remains secure at all times when in the database.

Take Control of Your Lead Management System

Leads are the lifeblood of your business and no one understands the importance of effectively managing leads better than LeadAngel. Over the years they have developed state-of-the-art solutions for complete lead management and lead routing. Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Request a free demo today and see what LeadAngel’s Fuzzy Matching service can do for you!

Lead Management System

Overview of Features

Fuzzy Matching is jam-packed with features designed to help you make the most of your lead management process. 


Unsurpassed Lead Matching

Use company names, email addresses, and web domains to match your leads against different companies.

Geo Sensitive Match

Our innovative platform has the ability to group and match company names located in similar geographic locations.

Acronym Matching Capabilities

Fuzzy Matching Algorithm allows you to match common and uncommon acronyms with the actual company names.

Recognition of Mergers and Acquisitions

Matching old and new lists can be very difficult. This is especially true when company names have changed. LeadAngel's Fuzzy Matching algorithm has an extensive merger and acquisition database that is able to recognize changes in company names to create an accurate list.

Custom Capabilities

Every company is different, which is why Fuzzy Matching gives users the ability to set custom parameters based on their needs. For instance, set a rule so that competitors are filtered out or certain groups are always together.

Up-to-date Name Database

LeadAngel is constantly updating and refreshing its popular name database. Easily match both popular names and legal names for superior accuracy and reduced instances of duplicate leads.

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