Looking into : Leandata x Chilipiper x Leadangel

Feature Leandata Chili Piper Leadangel
Data Matching    
Inbound Lead Routing  
Account Based lead Routing
ABM Engagement    
Lead-to-Account Matching
Round Robin Lead Assignment
Customizable tiebreaks  
Advanced Lead Processing
Account Routing    
Email Reminders      
Salesforce integration      
Automation Scheduling      
Lead to contact conversion      
Route and Assign leads to the salesrep      
Route objects in Salesforce      
Fuzzy Matching Algorithm      
Task/Opportunity Creation      
Lead Segmentation      
Open API Integration      
Batch Router (Bulk Routing)      
Real Time Lead Router      
Lead Dedupe and Merge      
Account Dedupe      
Virtual Account (Non CRM)      
Lead Scoring      
Lead Escalation (Lead Reassigning)      
Sales Person Affinity (historical sales rep routing)      
Pricing User Based User Based + Platform Fee Flat Platform Fee 
Lead Matching      
Detailed Lead Routing Reporting      
Account and Opportunity Conversion