LeadAngel has released a new update where it uses SFDC lightning components that provides enhanced security and improved user experience. All the components are also backward compatible with classic mode.

One of the primary objectives of the marketing department is generating leads. If potential customers are not effectively followed up on and led through the sales funnel, then the resources used to get them are wasted.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, conversions have been low, and surprisingly, only 46% of businesses follow up on leads within 24 hours. This is extremely ineffective, given that a lead usually goes cold in about 90 minutes.

The competitive nature of business means that a slow follow-up may result in losing interested customers to the specific competitors. Investing in a Lead Routing Software like LeadAngel can help in becoming a market leader by taking advantage of all prospective clients handed down from a marketing team.

A recent update from this marketing software includes SFDC lightning components that enable sales personnel to track and convert leads easily.

One of the ways the new features can boost organizational sales conversion techniques is through improved User Experience. The simple design makes it easy for the marketing and sales staff to implement and use. It has also eliminated the complicated flow charts making analysis of conversion data from the funnel more efficient and effective. This platform has an interactive interface that gives users a unique and amazing experience. It also includes a simple drag-and-drop application, which enables to design the look of documents and files.

Security for the data is becoming increasingly important, especially now that cyber-attacks and business espionage cases are on the rise. Keeping business information safe helps to fight off competition and avoid losses from cyber-attacks. LeadAngel’s new features have further updated its security capability; ensuring only those with authorized access can look at or make changes to the data.

The new update also helps in improving the lead to account matching strategies by giving a better insight into a sales funnel’s potential customers. They provide an all-round view of these insights enabling to find effective and efficient methods to convert prospects to paying clients. This reduces the time spent getting a customer through the funnel and improves the success rate of the process. With more customers and reduced costs, the company is assured of more profits at the end of the period.

Adopting LeadAngel in the organization’s sales conversion process enables to get reliable and relevant data showing the impact of the decisions. Getting accurate information on how the market behaves in reaction to business choices today enhances the decision-making capabilities in the future.

Limited time is given to change a potential customer to a paying client after they are brought into a sales funnel. Quickly performing the conversion process enhances your market competitiveness and ability to make profits. LeadAngel is one of the best platforms in the market when it comes to increasing the speed of lead-to-customer transformation and shortening the sales process. The lightning components in LeadAngel also automate the otherwise complex parts of the conversion stages.

Businesses survive by consistently making sales that translate to profits once all the costs are paid for.  LeadAngel has been a market leader in the creation of software to help businesses through this process in the last few years. Recent lightning components updates have enhanced customer routing efficiency, improved user experience, and improved data security for companies using the software. The program also includes additional features that help in understanding the market and improve interaction with your audience.

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