Experienced marketing professionals know, lead management is the key to aggressive growth. LeadAngel is a company dedicated to helping businesses succeed by producing software that aids in effortlessly and creatively managing leads. The company is helping more and more businesses achieve growth by accelerating leads into contacts. LeadAngel’s software is futuristic but it’s also easy for every company to implement.

Imagine converting leads into contacts with the help of one checkbox. LeadAngel makes it possible. Their products are instrumental in solving the most complex lead routing challenges for a growing number of successful businesses.

How does LeadAngel’s software do this? By providing businesses with features like the latest fuzzy matching software, along with other lead routing systems. The innovative fuzzy matching software allows business owners to customize logic and rules for sorting leads based on specific needs.

This type of sorting efficiently connects the identity of potential customers with the right company contact for the services they seek. Business owners value the ability to manage customers in a way that encourages profits.

How does the software service work? Customers can select one of two deployment options. One is a shared software service that is easily configured and highly cost-effective.

The other is a service that’s fully managed. This option will make things simple. LeadAngel’s team will administer the process of sorting to provide name matching.  Either option delivers full access to application programming interfaces. These interfaces help define a company representative’s personalized choice of lead management settings. This defined guide helps the routing and advanced analytic processes find the best matches.

Segmentation is key in marketing. The right message to the right person at the right time triggers purchases. Marketing Database, a LeadAngel offering, facilitates simple segmentation. It includes filters like Geo Radius, Advanced Account Match, Standardized Title, and Department. A well-curated accurately directed marketing strategy helps customers and prospects realize you have their interests in focus.

Speed is also essential. Traditional data vendor systems take long time frames to compare lists and produce matching results. LeadAngel’s Fuzzy Match Algorithm matches thousands of records per second, delivering state-of-the-art reliability speed, and power.

A Lead Routing software that’s not only efficient but also user-friendly is the goal of LeadAngel. The software allows a company to have complete system access without hiring a professional. Administration and sharing are simple, featuring familiar techniques like drag and drop for completing tasks.

The basics made better is a good way to describe LeadAngel’s service. Though the process is automated and effortless, it still incorporates the human touch. LeadAngel will help a company through the traditional lead location process – by first helping them develop a model of their customer persona. Then comes the step of collecting information about leads. Next, comes the scoring process – which leads seem to have the strongest interest? Tracking and measuring leads on an ongoing basis helps hone the process.

LeadAngel provides a valuable service to the business community that’s much appreciated in challenging times. Expert automated management of leads locates customers most likely to make purchases; supports company profits. Providing this software as a service opens up hours for staff members to devote to lead follow-up. It also saves valuable cash reserves by eliminating the need to tie up funds by purchasing an expensive, specialized software system.

Lead generation not only converts leads into contacts to accelerate the growth of the business. It’s also a boon to customers, as it helps them access what they need. A win-win situation.

LeadAngel is a Sunnyvale, CA-based company offering services in Lead Routing, Marketing Segmentation, and Lead to Account Matching. Building customer trust, providing superior experiences of product, continued innovation to provide the most up to date lead generation software out there are company priorities. Check out LeadAngel’s official website for more information.  Don’t hesitate to contact the team and set a date for the relevant queries.

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