LeadAngel has finally announced the customization of their lead to account matching algorithm. This follows their tireless efforts to convert data efficiently and effectively from the sales funnel to benefit B2B enterprises.

Since 2020 was a challenging year for all businesses, there arose a need to make up for lost time and money. Most businesses are still recovering and trying to catch up with the competition. LeadAngel’s customizable lead to account algorithms helps you do just that. It is designed to help your business manage the leads, convert leads to sales in real time, and allows your customers to track the detailed reporting as they please.

Lead to account matching customization includes the following:

Domain match

LeadAngel’s customized lead to account conversation algorithm uses advanced AI technology to match the exact lead domain to its corresponding account. It allows you to eliminate duplicate domain names and optimize your sales funnel with tools such as autoconversion of leads into contacts if a matching account is found.

Industry-based Match

LeadAngel uses advanced machine learning to smart-match the diverse dynamics of a company name to filter leads, eliminate duplicates, and match them to existing accounts. Its algorithm has tons of ways to identify matching companies.

Exact name matching

This allows you to send all leads from the same company to the same person or team. You can section your leads by region, company size, inquiry history, or dozens of other parameters, and send them to specific salespeople.

LeadAngel’s customized lead to account algorithm lets you define your own rules. It also allows first word match, acronym match, field match, and matching leads against active accounts. The algorithm uses specific criteria to sort through leads and transfer preferred accounts according to your rules, as follows:

  • Accounts with most contacts
  • Account with most Leads
  • Account with most Opportunities
  • Oldest Account
  • Account with least contacts
  • Account with least leads
  • Account with least Opportunities
  • Newest Account

The most advanced lead to account matching algorithms is now fully flexible. It allows you improve user experience by giving them a feel of your business’s day-to-day operations, allowing you to gain a significant foothold in today’s market, which is mostly digitized. This exposes many businesses to security threats such as information breaches and identity theft, threatening your business’s success and legitimacy.

LeadAngel lead routing software has added security features that keep your business information safe, helping you gain steady competition and avoid future losses. The software plays an important part to improve account matching strategies by offering marketers a detailed analysis of potential customers within the sales funnels. This in-depth knowledge gives you an insight into potential converting leads.


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