Obtaining valuable leads and converting them into clients is the lifeblood of every business. Lead mismanagement can have devastating effects on your company. Lack of nurturing and communication are two of the main reasons for the lead conversion. Mistakenly placing two agents on the same prospect of a company’s account is a silent killer and will more often than not result in failure of the lead to convert. Let’s take a look at how this can happen and 5 things that can go wrong when multiple agents work independently on the same lead. 

Reasons Multiple Sales Agents Work the Same Lead

The major issue with doubling up on a lead is that it can go undetected until it is too late. The lead becomes frustrated and decides not to go further in the process at which time your company learns that there have been two agents working independently on the same lead. Here are a few ways this can occur.

  • Duplicate leads that were not picked up by the company’s system — For example, the same company registered under two different emails. Your duplicate lead algorithms only screen duplicate emails so the system never picked up on the fact that the name and phone number were the same.
  • Failure to communicate — An ineffective communication system that makes it difficult to know who is working on which leads.
  • Improper Importing of leads — This can easily happen when multiple agents are pulling from various sources.
  • Inadequate lead categorization and organization — This happens if your management system isn’t set up to organize leads in a way that is functional for your company.
  • Accidental assignment — We are all human and all make mistakes. It may be as simple as accidentally assigning the same lead to two different team members.

5 Problems with Sales Agents Working Independently on the Same Lead

Unhealthy Competition

If two members of your team are working independently on one lead, this can lead to unhealthy competition to see who can land the lead first. While this sounds great, the issue is that the competition can get so fierce, especially if there is a commission involved, that the needs of the prospect get lost in the mix. Ultimately, the lead decides your company is not a good fit for them and chooses to look elsewhere.

Leads Receive Conflicting Information

This is one of the most problematic issues when two agents are working on one lead. Chances are high that the details about pricing and services will vary at least slightly. Inconsistent information is a big turn-off to prospective clients because it makes your company seem disorganized and unprofessional. They will look to take their business to someone who can provide a consistent experience.

Loss of Company Trust

Inconsistent information will give off the vibe to prospective clients that your company is untrustworthy. This is especially true when it comes down to pricing. Not only will you lose that lead, but you will also lose the potential business of all those who the prospective company relays its experience too.

Inefficient Workflow Processes

Two team members working on the same lead will not only cause you to lose the prospective client but create inefficiencies in your workflow processes. Work is now being unnecessarily repeated which leads to decreased productivity.

Disorganization in Your Lead Management System

If two people are working on the same lead, it means that your lead management system is not organized as well as it could be. This could be due to a lack of grouping and categorization or failure to have a central system to keep all of your company’s leads that allow everyone to see what is happening with each prospective client.

What Can You Do to Reduce the Risk of Doubling Up on Leads?

Leads are vital to increasing the top line of your business. A few things you can do to reduce your company’s risk of losing prospective clients due to doubling up includes:

  • Company-wide protocols for importing leads
  • Guidelines for grouping each lead
  • Communicating with co-workers as well as making notes on accounts and within the management system so that everyone knows what is going on with your leads

Finally, the best way to prevent two salespeople from working on the same lead is to utilize a lead management system. LeadAngel’s lead management software works seamlessly with any CRM and allows you to manage your company’s leads in a way that allows you to make the most of them. Get your free trial today!

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