Marketing and sales automation system have changed the business world, and we can expect new tools to have even more options and give us more opportunities to engage customers, generate and convert leads, and so much more. Sales automation tools are important for the growth of sales in more ways than one. In this post, we are going to focus on six benefits of these tools for sales boost. Scroll down to see them all.

1. Simplifies lead scoring

Marketing strategies you employ have the goal to reach the target audience and generate as many leads as possible. But what then? It is not just about generating leads they need to be converted to customers in order to increase sales and make a consistent business growth. The whole process of lead generation, maintenance, and conversion is where most businesses make mistakes.

Lead scoring in sales automation system

The sales automation system allows users to create a set of rules and criteria that will automatically score incoming leads according to their information and actions. Automation tools prioritize leads, usually on a sale 1 to 5. Then, they categorize leads as either MQL (marketing qualified leads) or SQL (sales qualified leads). Basically, MQL leads remain in the nurturing campaign until they become SQL. What does this mean for you? Well, your sales team doesn’t waste time with leads that are not likely at that point to convert to customers. Instead, they focus on leads that are qualified. As a result, they make more sales.

2. Addressing specific needs

One of the most common mistakes that businesses make is that they try to engage leads and even current customers with things in which they are not interested. This doesn’t work. The secret to increased sales is to offer people something they truly want. This is where sales automation software steps in. Due to the fact these tools allow you to get the most out of marketing strategy, they also aid lead management and collect valuable information for your database.

Revenue Operations

When approaching or contacting someone, the sales team will be able to address the specific needs of those people. How? It’s simple; automation systems allow marketers and sales teams to get a close insight into what leads care about the business, the content they viewed, actions they have taken, interests, and so much more. This gives you the opportunity to adjust the offer based on the specific needs of different people. When they are offered exactly what they need, they are more likely to make a purchase. This leads to increased sales in the long run.

3. Know when to call

In addition to lead management and improved marketing strategy, sales automation platform also allows users to see when some lead is thinking about the company or solutions. They do so by tracking when leads visited the website of your business. In turn, the sales team knows exactly when to call or send useful offers to some leads with higher chances of success. Some tools also allow users to set up alerts to see which pages leads are looking in real time.

Know when to call

When a sales team knows when to pick up the phone to contact the lead or to reach them in another way, they’ll have more success rather than addressing a lead when it’s not interested in making a purchase. Without sales automation process, this wouldn’t be possible.

4. Shorter sales cycle

Nurtured leads close faster and generate more deals. What every business wants is to make that happen but without automated lead management that would be difficult to accomplish. The primary purpose of these platforms is to give the sales team the muscle it needs to nurture leads more effectively, draw them through the funnel at a faster rate, and deliver more highly qualified leads that are ready to be converted into customers.

Sales automation system helps shorter sales cycle

The use of sales automation system makes the whole process faster and shorter. Otherwise, the sales team would be stuck in the loop doing time-consuming processes one after another before they make the purchase. In the long run, that wouldn’t be practical for consistent revenue growth. Thanks to automated marketing systems, tedious tasks are done fast and effectively. Shorter sales cycle means increased earnings and also marks the success of a marketing strategy.

5. Follow-up with leads instantly

A study from the Harvard Business Review found that many companies are too slow to follow-up on leads. However, you are 60 times more likely to qualify a lead if you follow-up within an hour rather than waiting for 24 hours or longer. In other words, the sooner you follow-up with leads, the more likely they are to convert to customers. With sales force automation system, you can follow up every hot lead straight away. It doesn’t really matter what time it is, and you can rest assured the system will work hard to keep hot leads interested. It’s needless to mention this makes the sales team more effective, which results in bigger earnings in the long run.

HubSpot indicates in an analysis of more than 2,200 American companies found, those who attempted to reach leads within an hour were nearly seven times likelier to have meaningful conversations with decision makers than those who waited even 60 minutes.

6. Enhances customer’s lifetime value

The truth is that free automation software gives us tons of options we can use to boost sales. One of those options or benefits is to maximize customer lifetime value and make even more sales down the line. How? It’s quite simple, actually. Automation platform analyzes customer data, tracks purchase history, and gathers other relevant info.

Customer value analysis in sales automation system

Thanks to the behavior history profiles delivered by sales force automation tools, it’s easier to identify likely follow-up sale products according to buying habits of every leads. This also leads us back to providing them with things in which they are interested. Customer’s lifetime value increases i.e., you’re more likely to retain them.


Automation systems increase sales in many ways. They speed up the whole process from generating to converting leads, shorten the sales cycle, and make it easier to offer customers what they truly want. The best thing about the whole sales department becomes more effective thanks to these tools.

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