In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak and the global mandate for everyone to work from home, the business world has been turned on its head. Working from home and staying indoors means no commute, no office, and a lot more time to yourself and/or with the family. Professionals from coast to coast are having to completely reinvent their daily routine and lifestyle to adapt to the changes.

But rather than becoming one with your pajamas, a real business leader knows an opportunity when they see one. Now, during the stay-at-home period, is your perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself before the office opens again. Rethink how you spend your time, the tools you use, how you treat yourself, and the whole of your personal brand. Here are a few great ideas to get started with the new-world, new-you.

Reclaim Lost Time
Think about all the time you just got back by not going to the office. No hours lost to the commute. No obligatory morning chat over bagels. No hours in the grocery store or taking the kids on errands. You have all that time back at home, without travel-time lost, to do with as you please. This could, all-together, give you a whole extra day of time awake to relax, hone your skills, or do something new.

Reassess Your Priorities
With the world on it’s head, some of that spare time could be turned toward inward contemplation. You finally have time to ask yourself the tough questions like:
• Are you prioritizing the right values or goals during the day?
• How should your priorities change in the wake of the corona?
• What priorities have you been wanting to focus on, but haven’t yet? Generally, these are the activities to improve operational efficiencies.

Learn a New Skill
Now is also a great time to teach yourself something new. Make a list of skills and proficiencies that would help you get ahead, prioritizing things you can learn independently and can implement remotely, should this especially working from home condition continue to last. Learn new more about competitors, attend virtual events, learn to organize webinars, or get your hands dirty on the software to better connect with customer’s pain point.

Build Personal Brand
Building personal brand is very similar to building physical strength. It helps during heavy lifting. Naturally, it is not always the top priority given everything else happening around us. Now you’ve got all the time in the world and tools to help you. Being stuck at home has inspired many and gotten them creative. If you don’t know where to start, many online tools are available to start with personal brand building. Unlike commodities, personal brand has much longer shelf life and is priceless.

Explore New Genres
We all get locked into our media tastes, but now is a great opportunity to break out of your shell. Spend time to know the best practices not only from your industry and competitors, but also from other industries. Cross pollination of ideas can give you an edge over competition. Remember, you don’t always has to do different thing to be successful, doing things differently can also lead to desired result.

Take Time for Personal Wellbeing
All too often, we let the daily hustle push aside self-care and personal wellbeing. Without the commute and coworkers to worry about, you can embrace wellbeing and give yourself a little breathing space. Make an effort to relax all your muscles, do some meditation, and soak in a bath. Reinvent your self-care routine with products and methods that work better for you today than they did several years ago when you built the last routine. Connect with yourself and explore new ways to unlock potential and release stress while this work from home period.

Get ready for the future
History has witnessed that we have come back after disaster, and we have come back stronger than ever. Don’t be a sitting duck when the economy gets humming again. Get ahead of the curve and keep your sales processes and systems well greased.
As a sales leader, often time the efficient Lead Management is a top priority for you, however, it is not critical since there are tons of other critical activities happening. Now is the time to build a robust system and process in place to better manage your highly valued sales leads. Build a real time B2B lead routing system, ABM (account based marketing / sales) segmentation, data dedupe and data management programs. Contact LeadAngel today for more great insights!

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