The growth and success of LeadAngel had been remarkable during the entire year of 2022. But just as we were about to say goodbye to the year, another huge piece of excellent news arrived, and we couldn’t be happier !

On that Note ! LeadAngel is pleased to announce that G2 has been named a High Performer in the Best Lead to Account Matching and Routing Software categories in their Winter 2023 Reports.

What is G2?

G2 is the top platform for evaluating business solutions globally, allowing users to look up, evaluate, and manage other companies. Over 3 million users visit monthly to read and post honest evaluations about thousands of products and business services. Over time, it has developed into the most credible platform for anyone contemplating and analyzing a product or service for their organization.

G2 evaluates products and vendors using feedback from our user base as well as statistics compiled from web resources and social media. The Satisfaction and Market Presence scores are determined in real-time by G2 using a proprietary algorithm (v3.0) on this compiled data.

How G2 Define Lead to Account Matching and Routing Software category:

Each product or service in the lead-to-account matching and routing software category should contain features like gathering new leads in a CRM and then routing those leads to the proper salesperson. Businesses can follow up with collected leads more quickly and gain a more complete picture of leads and engagement inside their account-based strategy. thanks to lead-to-account matching and routing softwares which enable these features.

Although the majority of CRM software offers the fundamental capability for lead-to-account matching and routing, there are other lead-to-account matching and routing solutions that can assist with more complicated processes that can’t be maintained in a CRM or marketing automation solutions.

Moreover, account executives and sales development professionals frequently utilise this kind of software since they would otherwise have to spend numerous hours directing leads to the appropriate customers and accounts.

These software programmes can also handle duplicate leads in the CRM if one sets up routing criteria based on account owner, history, and status. These sorts of software make it simple to use automation workflows and arrange the data set.

G2 has established the following requirements in order to qualify for the Lead-to-Account Matching and Routing category. Look at the below pointers:

  • In a CRM, match new leads with the appropriate account data.
  • Route directs you to the appropriate salesperson in charge of managing the account.
  • For each lead that is matched and routed, provide an audit trail.
  • Sync with CRM applications

LeadAngel has a 4.8/5 star rating in the above category and is regarded as a High Performer. 100% of users gave it a rating of 4 or 5, 94% of users said it is easy to use, and 98% of users think that LaeadAngel meets their business requirements. In terms of support, 95% of users said that LaedAngel has quality support.

When a product or service performs well in terms of customer satisfaction, it is given the designation “High Performer.” In other words, it has a sizable percentage of favorable + complimentary reviews.

Additionally, it indicates that the products and services offered by LeadAngel are well-liked by our clients. Customers’ perceptions of LeadAgel’s Contact Management progress are positive, which is magnificent feedback for us. We sincerely appreciate the kind words that our clients have written about G2. Your business may benefit greatly from generous customers, and we appreciate each and every one of them..

Check out some of the feedback from our customers on G2:

Customer 1:

“Excellent Customer Oriented Product”


The UI is intuitive, and the approach is customer-oriented, whereby most of the business needs can be effectively incorporated into the platform. We have successfully implemented sophisticated lead routing models for various customers using LeadAngel, and they immediately were able to see and appreciate the power of automation and business process alignment.

Customer 2:

“Lead Angel Fantastic Lead Routing Tool”

I really love the lead routing solution. It is very flexible and has many customizable options to route various objects in Salesforce. Also, their customer service, continual improvement of the platform, and adding new features is top tier

Customer 3:

“Fantastic Customer Support”

Deepak at LeadAngel offers a high touch approach to working with his customers. Whenever it’s necessary to update a router or filters within LeadAngel, he has always been available to support.

We appreciate it!

What propels us ahead is the tremendous support we receive from our clients and the outcomes of the commitment and hard work of our staff. We sincerely appreciate the acknowledgment, and we’re eager to maintain this momentum in 2023 by encouraging more businesses to use our Lead Routing and Data Management features.

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