In the last few weeks, millions of American businesses have closed. Any business deemed “nonessential” by state statutes; one looking for ways to cut costs while its customers are stuck inside; or located in an infection-prone area trying to keep its employees safe is either shuttered or operating in a reduced capacity. If you’re an owner or manager of one of those businesses, prefer to look at another way in the coming months instead of thinking it as a negative or wasted time.

If your business is open or semi-open, and you’re wondering how to spend your days now when all the clients and vendors are closing up, it is advisable to look at the very bottom of your normal to-do list. This moment could be the perfect time to handle the tasks that you usually procrastinate – The new strategies or plan could come up to help you run your business more efficiently which might not seem possible due to hectic daily routines. As the proverb goes, you can cut more wood if you take the time to sharpen the saw. It’s time to imagine, create, develop, and implement them.

This is especially true for Sales and Marketing professionals. The situation is questionable when your clients are staying indoors, not spending money. Numerous things can be done but overcoming the global pandemic should be considered if you belong in these departments.

Let’s suppose if it is possible to pull up your company’s sales database and clean it up. Prioritize to get rid of the clientele who have shut their business or no cordial relationship with. Find the errors in the entries that have been tacked on and correct them. Deal with all the pending list and optimize them to avoid a further panic mode should be on the top of your to-do-list.

While you’re at it, understand the way your company has been handling market segmentation. Which client received the sales pitch? Find ways if it is possible to break it into smaller categories to target your sales pitch. Tailoring the pitch could result in a much higher return on investment by delivering effective solutions to your prospective clients and meet the challenges. This is the moment to think about what each client needs to hear.

Another way to spend your time is by pulling up your company’s protocols and procedures and reading them through. Most of the companies have a handbook to make the onboarding easier which does not get the prime concern on a regular basis. Regular commitments and working should be upgraded regularly. A new employee read and understands the working of CRM in the company on the same handbook which eventually leaves him with new dilemmas and confusion. But it could be utilized to update a department’s procedures and best practices at this time. Make a handy reference that anyone can use.

When life gives you lemons, you can make lemonade. When life freezes your business operations for a short time, you can use that time to rethink and update procedures on the back end. And be ready when the economy kicks back up to its usual gear. For lead routing and lead management services to help your company become its best and smoothest-running self, contact us.

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