In our last post, we shared our exciting new feature, “on-the-spot” transfer. It’s LeadAngel’s exclusive, built-in solution to speedy lead management so that your sales development representatives (SDRs) and account executives (AEs) are primed to close more deals than ever.

Let’s recap the problem.

Since roughly 70% of all leads go unattended, and it takes the average sales team roughly two weeks of follow-up to get to even a first call with a prospective customer, most businesses are getting hit twice: 1) they’re losing sales opportunities without even realizing it, and 2) prospective customers are having a diminished brand experience, making them less likely to close. Not ideal.

Plus, there are the actual mechanics of closing the sale: After warming up a prospective client, the last thing an SDR wants to do is look desperately for a free AE to take the lead over and close the deal. And this needs to happen quickly enough that the lead isn’t kept waiting on the line, getting frustrated, until they ask to talk again at another time—and the opportunity dies on the vine.

How do we fix it?

The first step is our on-the-spot transfer. This LeadAngel-exclusive feature is built right into our algorithm and completely customizable, so SDRs can transfer hot leads to the right AEs in a matter of seconds while they’re still on the call, increasing deals closed.

Just as exciting is our offline hand-off feature, which works hand-in-glove with on-the-spot transfer. Together, these features are changing the prospecting game.

What is offline hand-off?

When a real-time transfer isn’t an option—say, the prospect is unavailable to move the conversation forward immediately and would prefer to continue the conversation at a different time — LeadAngel’s platform offers the option to natively schedule a meeting. (The alternative being a prolonged attempt over email or an external app to schedule the next step.) Then, an AE can smoothly take over the lead at a future time.

How does it work?

Offline hand-off is simple. The SDR on the line simply has to click a button called “Schedule Meeting” to start the process, and within seconds, a form that’s already populated with the prospective customer’s information, thanks to our CRM integration, will pop up.

The exact same process that determines a match between a lead and the right AE for on-the-spot transfer gets to work. Our 150+ smart lead-to-account routing rules automatically assign leads to the correct AEs based on a combination of integrated CRM fields, including territory, company size, account ownership, and more, plus other parameters, such as availability and trusted round robin distribution methods. Here, one more layer gets added in—the prospect’s preferred meeting times and availability.

Next, the SDR offers the prospect the requested time or sends them our in-built calendar app, where they can select a date and time and book their next meeting all while still live on the call.

The whole process can take place from start to finish in a matter of minutes, completely customized to what’s important to your company—we’ll help tailor everything from our lead-to-account matching rules all the way to the custom subject lines and meeting invitations that get sent to your prospects.

Another perk: Our event templates make onboarding new employees easy, so there isn’t a long ramp-up in training them on complicated technology.

Why do you need it?

Offline hand-off picks up where on-the-spot transfer leaves off, but our objective with both is to provide the best possible customer service experience.

Optimized Customer Experience

If a lead can’t speak to an AE right away, the best thing to offer them is a quick and painless way to schedule the next step based on their convenience. And since our back-end can still be programmed to match the right AE to the right lead, any prospects still get the best fit for them, even if it’s at a later time; we know as well as you do, every lead is important. 

Completely Customizable Dashboard

We’ve built the routing process into our algorithm—all you have to do is choose the parameters that are most important to you. With offline hand-off, you can still tailor which AEs are weighted higher, how availability is managed, nearly every detail of how leads are routed.

Lead Management That Works for You

The LeadAngel platform automatically protects against any corner cases or attempts to game the system—for example, an SDR who might be interested in routing around the algorithm to a preferred AE—so your priorities and systems are safeguarded.

Offline hand-off is the difference between timely follow-up from the right person and losing yet another lead to a competitor or loss of interest. Here at LeadAngel, we’re designing tools and features to optimize lead management every day, so you can close as many deals as possible.

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