With the ever-growing competitiveness in the business world today it has become crucial to plan carefully every step you take. The goal is to get more leads and turn them into customers, retain those customers, and increase revenue. There are many ways to make that happen, but it all comes down to sales and b2b marketing operations. In fact, these operations are a must for every serious company, big or small, to survive and dominate the market and their competition.

What is sales operations?

The term sales operations refer to the unit, role, processes, and activities in a sales organization whose main objective is to support, enable, and make sure that sales processes are more fruitful and effective. These operations revolve around strategic approach toward increasing the effectiveness of the sales department.  It’s important to mention that sales operations best practices do not only include people within the department but also imply the use of software and other tools to accelerate activities and gather more data necessary for marketing planning and executing various approaches.

When properly implemented sales operations software allows sales reps to put a greater focus on selling in order to increase business results. Today, sales operations have expanded immensely and now involve all functions within a company that provides strategic insight that the sales team needs in order to achieve measurable growth and increased revenue.



These operations involve the following aspects:

  • Strategy – the development of strategies to achieve high-level goals for the sales organization.
  • Technology – revolves around the implementation of sales operations tools to achieve specified goals successfully and in an effective manner.
  • Operations – includes product training, sales training, marketing intelligence support in order to enhance salesforce sales operations.
  • Performance – implementation of methodologies and strategies, lead management, compensation, and incentive plans.

What is marketing operations?

As you can already assume the term marketing operations describes a concept involved in the actual process of creating, manufacturing, and promoting products. Department of marketing operations combines creative and analytical team members who work together to achieve the same goal. The main objective of these operations is to enhance and modify marketing strategy, get more leads, and turn them into customers. Besides the team members, the use of marketing operations software is crucial for the success of this strategy and its efforts to boost marketing growth and revenue through marketing.

Bearing in mind that an adequate marketing strategy is absolutely necessary for business success it’s crucial to employ marketing operations tools to beat the competition in a tough and competitive market. These operations also include:

  • Content creation and maintenance – the creation of assets like a copy, images, and videos to be used across various platforms.
  • Demand generation – identification of targets, creating awareness and interest, establishing a relationship and engaging in information exchange all with the purpose of getting and retaining leads.
  • Performance measurement – establishing and tracking KPIs to measure performance metrics and adjust or modify strategies accordingly for better results.
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Why they matter?

What every business, big or small, needs or wants is bigger revenue and higher market competitiveness. These goals are not unreasonable, but many believe they’re difficult to achieve. Accomplishing these targets is easier with sales and marketing operations due to an amazing set of benefits they provide. These particular operations work to enhance sales and marketing respectively in order to raise more revenue and boost your efforts.

What makes these operations useful is that they combine teamwork with the usage of the latest technology in forms of software and other tools. In most cases, people from different departments work together in order to make marketing and sales operations work.

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