There only a few sticky things people like, and Sticky Lead Assignment is definitely one of them. If the leads from same company are being sent to different sales person, it makes the job difficult for all the people involved. All the leads often answer the same questions from various sales reps, wasting valuable time and resources. Additionally, there is a lost opportunity to build upon the learning from previous calls. The leads are confused, they may receive contradicting messages from different sales people, delaying or derailing the sales cycle.

Key objective of the sticky assignment is to reduce the discovery time spent on a lead. A sales rep who already knows about the company’s requirement is much better equipped to server any new leads from the same company. If a sales rep speaks with multiple people in the same company, it also helps her establish credibility with-in the client organization. She comes better prepared, resulting in smooth transaction and greater confidence.

Another benefit of same person speaking with multiple people in same client organization is to understand the organizational vibe. Sometimes there are internal conflict with-in organization with respect to requirements, budgets etc. The sales rep now can better understand and scoot around these conflicts. Example, often times, IT gets involved to make a “Buy vs Build” decision, while business get involved for feature assessment. Brining all these persona is tough, but necessary for the sale to happen.

Few advanced Lead Router now provides a feature to assign leads to CRM account owner. LeadAngel takes it a step further, where the sticky assignment works even when accounts are not in CRM by creating a virtual account. Contact LeadAngel to learn more.

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