Lead distribution software is used to send leads to the appropriate sales representatives. Lead distribution tools are critical for sales teams that operate at peak performance levels. 

When generating new leads, lead generation tools and lead capture funnels are excellent resources. However, those leads must be channeled to the right salesperson at the earliest, while maintaining the data quality.

Effective lead distribution software tools are available as stand-alone products and lead distribution capabilities embedded into popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems such as Salesforce.

How choosing a lead management platform would positively affect your sales?

The lead generation business evolves every year, with new quality standards developing, varying customer interest/intent, and new technology allowing consumers to access items faster and simpler than they could the year before. Given that the broader landscape is constantly changing, your software platform must be flexible enough to adapt to the specific demands of your business.

Choosing the right lead distribution platform for your business from among the thousands of available alternatives is challenging. You can get qualified leads while increasing your brand visibility by using the right lead management tools.

Looking into : Leandata x Ring Lead x Leadangel

Features Leandata Ring Lead Leadangel
Data Matching  
Inbound Lead Routing  
Account Based lead Routing
ABM Engagement    
Lead-to-Account Matching
Round Robin Lead Assignment
Customizable tiebreaks  
Advanced Lead Processing
Account Routing    
Email Reminders      
Salesforce integration      
Automation Scheduling      
Lead to contact conversion      
Route and Assign leads to the salesrep      
Route objects in Salesforce      
Fuzzy Matching Algorithm      
Task/Opportunity Creation      
Lead Segmentation    
Open API Integration      
Batch Router (Bulk Routing)      
Real Time Lead Router      
Lead Dedupe and Merge      
Account Dedupe      
Virtual Account (Non CRM)      
Lead Scoring    
Lead Escalation (Lead Reassigning)      
Sales Person Affinity (historical sales rep routing)      
Pricing User Based User Based Flat Platform Fee 
Lead Matching      
Detailed Lead Routing Reporting      
Account and Opportunity Conversion      

Comparing the best lead distribution software

Chili Piper 


  • Route Salesforce objects at an instant (e.g., leads, contacts, accounts, cases, opportunities) to the relevant sales rep.
  • Follow-up via Slack or email notifications 
  • Fair and accurate lead assignment via weighted round-robin, ownership, or any other type of routing rule you assign
  • Intuitive to use and easy to set up 
  • Excellent customer support


  • Salesforce CRM is a must-have 
  • Lead to Account matching is not very strong or configurable
  • Platform is primarily designed for inbound lead management, thus re-processing existing leads or data management is weak

Lead Angel


  • Assigns leads to the right Queue/Sales Rep/Team with specified criteria.
  • Assigning leads to Account Owner Manager when the user is “In-Active.”
  • Excels at account-based marketing, improving the data quality and enabling better sales and routing of leads
  • Dedupe contacts and leads, has a clean database
  • Tons of assignment options based lead, or roll-up activities
  • Very flexible, accurate and fast lead to account matching
  • API available for matching and routing


  • Does not have campaign attribution reporting



  • Wide range of data management workflows pre-built 
  • Consolidates data enrichment providers into one platform
  • The prevent list-uploading tool allows deduping effortlessly when trying to upload lists


  • Deduplication functionality interferes with contact synchronization on mobile
  • The account matching and previews of outcomes on list uploads can be improved
  • Platform is primarily designed for data cleanup and enrichment, thus is weaker on lead to account matching and routing. 

Leandata can be a good fit for account-based marketing

LeanData delivers a range of Salesforce-native tools for marketing, sales, and revenue operations with lead-to-account matching at its foundation. Within Salesforce, LeanData automates go-to-market activities to increase productivity and efficiency.

In the context of ABM, engagement refers to every interaction a major account has with your company. It encompasses anything from a marketing campaign activation engagement to a meeting with a member of your sales team. Your revenue teams may use real-time account interaction data to penetrate target accounts and build those lucrative relationships over time.
Numerous revenue teams’ data management difficulties have been exposed due to the migration of many GTM activations to ABM. Data is generally stored in silos across CRM, marketing automation, and sales interaction platforms, resulting in clumsy, handmade alternative solutions to get by.

LeanData’s products coordinate and automate the go-to-market process, allowing B2B businesses to enhance their speed-to-revenue and buyer experience. Sales professionals receive just the leads, contacts, accounts, and prospects they need to focus on using LeanData’s Lead-to-Account Matching, Routing, and Engagement solutions, allowing them to close more deals and produce more revenue quicker.

Ringlead can simplify your lead segmentation

RingLead Routing enables users to quickly and simply construct bespoke routing processes and create a series of groups to allocate in-coming Leads, Accounts, and/or Contacts via online forms or list imports to the right Owner, allowing sales and marketing to connect with them appropriately.

With RingLead segmentation, you can segment leads in real-time and ‘personalize’ your marketing efforts to boost ROI on marketing expenditure. It helps you optimize how you route, sell, and promote, group buyers by industry, area, persona, or another field.

Data enrichment, data cleanup, and lead scoring are the other stand-out features of Ringlead that enhance sales.

Discover LeadAngel Difference for Boosting Your ROI

LeadAngel effectively connects incoming leads with existing accounts using the most powerful and flexible routing engine. It is possible to route leads based on the organizational structure and desired rule sets using LeadAngel, an advanced machine learning-based lead routing software. Here’s what makes LeadAngel a powerful lead distribution platform:

  • LeadAngel enables the routing of leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities segments depending on company size, geography, industry, and other factors and the distribution of leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities segments using round-robin assignment and other algorithms.
  • LeadAngel stands out as it offers certain features not available to its competitors. Automated lead-to-account matching, lead routing, and data cleansing features of LeadAngel save time and money while increasing pipeline. 
  • The technique of account matching has many advantages, as in account-based marketing, it’s essential. This new lead management practice makes a better prospect experience and speedier marketing procedures possible.
  • Duplicate leads, contacts, and contacts may now be deleted using LeadAngel’s platform. LeadAngel also delivers an account-account duplicate report using a fuzzy matching method. Sales operations can now target and connect more effectively with B2B customers using real-time data deduplication, account matching, and auto-conversion of leads into contacts/accounts.
  • Virtual accounts are one of LeadAngel’s most distinctive features. Not all net new accounts should be in your CRM, and they don’t need to be unless they participate in important ways. LeadAngel’s revolutionary virtual account allows you to handle leads from net new virtual accounts and gain insight into net new accounts over time.

Trust LeadAngel to Improve Your Speed to Lead

In terms of lead distribution software, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of solutions to choose from. Use LeadAngel to empower your sales team by providing intelligent lead routing. Book a demo today to improve your lead volume and learn how you can leverage our powerful & flexible routing engine.

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