Segmentation is the backbone of the three key pillars of marketing (right message, to the right person at the right time). Look beyond traditional and transactional segmentation. Create your hassle-free segmentation on Marketing Database with easy to use intelligent filters such as Geo Radius, Advanced Account Match, Standardized Title and Department. Accurate segmentation helps you realize true potential of your well curated marketing strategy, while also making your customers and prospect feel relevant.
Marketing Segmentation
Complete Marketing Segmentation
The filters you define works on Marketing Database such as Marketo and not just on the leads in salesforce. This covers the entire marketing universe without forcing you to push your unqualified leads into CRM, keeping your CRM clean.
Total Alignment with Sales
Using the unified data dictionary, LeadAngel enforces common definition across Sales and Marketing. This ensures, leads are segmented right during targeting and qualification, and then routed correctly. A true Sales and Marketing alignment and common understanding, even at the data level.
Line Segmentation
Target Segmentation
True ABM Filter
Not all ABM filters are made equal. Matching leads to account is not enough to truly segment based on accounts. Leads need to be matched against the incoming account lists even if accounts do not exist in Salesforce. Moreover, depending on the requirement, marketer should have option to broadly match mergers and acquisition.
Intelligent Segmentation
No more creating redundant filters to cover corner cases. LeadAngel extrapolates filters such as States to Cities, and City to zip codes so that you dont have to enter all the combinations. LeadAngel’s standardized Title and Function filters helps you create segments most appropriate for your product line.
Intelligent Segmentation