Summer 2023 Feature Release

Summer 2023 has been an exciting and busy period for the engineers at LeadAngel. We are thrilled to announce the release of several new and enhanced features based on the feedback and priorities of our customers. This feature release aims to provide a summary of the key features that have been released. For a comprehensive list, please visit release notes on our website.

On-the-Spot Lead Transfer: Driving Conversions and Enhancing Satisfaction

The primary objective of this workflow is to enable immediate lead transfer from SDRs to AEs. By following the principles of promptness, fairness, and efficiency, the workflow is designed to optimize conversion rates and enhance satisfaction for team members. Key factors such as Identifying a Qualified Lead, AE Availability Check based on corporate calendar, Round Robin or Direct Assignment and Seamless Handover are easily configurable on LeadAngel. 

Advanced Calendar Scheduling: Always be available for your Leads 

The key to lead conversion is being available for leads, and matching leads to the correct sales person is the key to lead conversion. LeadAngel calendar scheduling provides the virtually limitless matching and scheduling for leads. As soon as Leads have submitted the contact us form, they can be matched with correct account executive, SDR or even the custom success rep or a sales team. Provide the lead to book a meeting as soon as they submit the form.

Custom Object Based Lead Routing: For Your Complex Sales Organization

Companies with complex sales organization, with extremely strategic selling needs special lead routing. LeadAngel now has ability to route leads based on related objects created on Account, along with matching the lead attribute to the lookup custom objects. It simplifies the routing where one account many have multiple sales people, and each sales rep is responsible for a product line, territory etc.  


The summer of 2023 has brought exciting enhancements and new features to LeadAngel. The AI-powered lead scoring, enhanced data insights, and automated lead routing capabilities will empower our customers to make data-driven decisions, improve lead management efficiency, and drive growth. For a detailed overview of all the feature releases, please visit our website. If you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is ready to help.

For complete feature release list, please visit release notes on our website.

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