When a business has more than one sales representative to deal with the inbound leads, and a new lead comes in, it falls upon the organization to assign it to a particular sales rep. This is called lead assignment or lead routing.  

According to a survey by LeanData, over 25% of B2B leads are assigned to the wrong sales representative. Therefore, lead routing is a strategic process where new leads are matched with the right sales rep at the organization to take the appropriate action.  

Businesses aiming for a competitive edge must consider several key criteria before assigning a lead to a rep. Some of them are: 

  1. Geographical Location: Assigning the sales rep near the prospect’s location makes it easier for them to meet as and when needed. 
  2. Deal Value: The value of a deal determines whether the prospective client needs extensive assistance or it will be a quick transaction. This helps prevent the wastage of resources. 
  3. Expertise: If the prospect has specific doubts regarding a niche industry or a particular use case, a sales rep who is well-versed in answering these questions must be assigned. 
  4. Dedicated Service: When a business has a wide range of products and services, several sales representatives may be dedicated to a particular offering. If a prospect is interested in a particular service, that rep must be assigned. 
  5. Deal Complexity: In a B2B business, deals can vary from a simple single-time transaction to a comprehensive multi-year, multi-product agreement that requires a dedicated team. Therefore, judging by the deal’s complexity, the business must either choose to handle them through email marketing campaigns or assign a particular rep. 
  6. Targeted Accounts: If the business has assigned some sales reps to key accounts, the lead must be routed to the appropriate rep dealing with that account. 

While lead routing was conventionally done by making an alphabetically arranged list of sales reps and assigning the lead to the next in line, most modern systems are based on various lead assignment rules or algorithms.

Looking into : Chili Piper x Ring Lead x LeadAngel

FeaturesChilipiperRing LeadLeadangel
Data Matching   
Inbound Lead Routing   
Account Based lead Routing   
ABM Engagement   
Lead-to-Account Matching   
Round Robin Lead Assignment   
Customizable tiebreaks   
Advanced Lead Processing   
Account Routing   
Email Reminders   
Salesforce integration   
Automation Scheduling   
Lead to contact conversion   
Route and Assign leads to the salesrep   
Route objects in Salesforce   
Fuzzy Matching Algorithm   
Task/Opportunity Creation   
Lead Capture   
Lead Segmentation   
Open API Integration   
Batch Router (Bulk Routing)   
Real Time Lead Router   
Lead Dedupe and Merge   
Account Dedupe   
Virtual Account (Non CRM)   
Lead Scoring   
Lead Escalation (Lead Reassigning)   
Sales Person Affinity (historical sales rep routing)   
PricingUser Based + Platform FeeUser BasedFlat Platform Fee
Lead Matching   
Detailed Lead Routing Reporting   
Account and Opportunity Conversion   

Chili Piper 

Chili Piper is a Salesforce lead routing software that is easy to use and does not require the user to get certified. 

The software’s interface has two components – rulesets and teams- that combinedly make up a router. The user can create rules (algorithm) for the lead routing with rule sets, like round-robin assignment and more. 

By creating the team, the user decides who will receive the lead. Under this, they can choose whom to assign and adjust the weighting.  


  • Instant routing for Salesforce leads 
  • Email and slack notifications for following up 
  • Easy to set up and use 
  • Fair and weighted lead assignment 
  • Great client support  


  • Not great for complex lead routing or Account Based routing
  • Need to have Salesforce in CRM 
  • Still in early versions 


RingLead is a fully automated lead routing software that provides complete visibility and control on the lead-sales rep process with customizable workflows and a route engine that seamlessly connects with CRMs like Salesforce, Pardot, Marketo and Eloqua to ensure a worry-free process.  

Through RingLead, the user can use account segmentation and fields like the lead’s NAICS code, the technology used and company size in the lead assignment logic.  


  • Clears extensive records for solving data challenges 
  • Detailed analytics and reporting 
  • Feedback capture 
  • Integrates several CRM 
  • Fully automated lead segmenting, scoring, and routing 


  • Most expensive 
  • Only notifies the primary user 
  • Not-so accurate automatic de-duping 
  • Not intuitive 
  • Steep learning curve 


LeadAngel is an advanced machine learning-based lead routing software that allows routing based on the organizational structure and desired rule sets. 

LeadAngel allows routing leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities segments based on company size, location, industry, and more and distributing them through round-robin assignment and other algorithms.  

In essence, LeadAngel is a comprehensive tool that not only streamlines lead routing but also handles lead-to-account matching and data enrichment. Its use of machine learning and customizable rules makes it a powerful solution for businesses looking to optimize their sales processes and improve customer data quality.


  • Best in Class lead to account matching 
  • Open API integration 
  • Realtime and Batch lead routing 
  • Auto Conversion and Data Dedupe 
  • Easy to use and maintain 
  • Simple pricing structure


  • No lead capture support 
  • Offers only one tier for lead routing

Choose the best lead assignment rules for your B2B brand

There are hundreds of software in the market today that provide lead assignments. But which of them is right for your B2B business? 

The answer to this question depends on many factors as each organization is distinct and has unique needs that may not apply to others. 

Therefore, we recommend taking the time to consider the features of the above-mentioned lead routing software, what your business’ needs are and what are the costs involved. 

We hope these details will help you make an informed decision. Further, we believe a quick demo will also help you make a smart move. Book a slot for demo and learn how you can turbocharge your sales with relative ease. 

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