LeadAngel’s Lead Router helps solve your lead routing needs based on your desired business rules and organizational structure without the attendant technical complexities. It integrates cutting-edge AI-based Machine Learning business-use cases and a lead-account matching engine into a single solution, thus simplifying and standardizing the implementation of your routing rules for businesses. The Lead Router’s data normalization and standardization routine augments the data supplied with clean data to better detect the industry, company size, and geographical territory for a complete data-driven routing experience.


The LeadAngel Lead Router is made to address almost every possible lead routing scenario. From elaborate product portfolios, extremely diversified sales organization, or numerous customization requirements at data or rules levels. LeadAngel Lead Router salient features include the following:

  • Data Normalization.
  • Unified Data Dictionary.
  • Partner Lead Routing.
  • Account Based Lead Routing.
  • Opportunity Status Based Lead Routing.
  • Competitors Scrubbing.
  • Product Line Based Lead Routing.
  • Direct pass thru to Sales Rep on record.
  • Campaign Type and Name.
  • Company Profile Based Lead Routing.
  • Advanced geographical mapping.
  • Setup global routing preferences.

 Lead Router


LeadAngel lead router is easy to configure using simple drag and drop UI. No need to create complex code, or often confusing flow charts.


Define sales team as per your routing requirement. You can decide to route to an individual, a queue or a team of sales people in round robin way. Lead Router periodically checks for the active status of sales people, and will generate an error notification should a routing rule become invalid due to deleted/removed sales people.

Lead Segment

LeadAngel Data Dictionary is a common place to define and implement business acronyms commonly floating around in presentations and spread sheets. Business users can truly connect the business definitions to related data and review the results. System data dictionary augment the user data dictionary to provide more streamlined and sophisticated approach to lead routing.


Lead router can be configured to convert a lead into contact should business desire so, usually in case of an existing open opportunity. Also, add a lead routing note on the lead records when routing for a specific cause or campaign.


Reports are designed to provide ongoing performance as well historical tracking. You can generate report by:

  • Active Lead Router.
  • Individual Assignment Rule.
  • Error Report by Assignment Rules.
Error Report


LeadAngel Lead Router is powered by an intelligent data standardization engine.

  • Industries are automatically mapped based on the SIC, separating some of the more standard drop-down categories like “manufacturing” or “services”.
  • World-wide mapping for city-metro area-state country categories is available to avoid cumbersomely making routing rules via zip code.
  • Employee size and revenues are standardized into the suitable category.

Lead routing is incomplete and not effective without an efficient way to match leads against existing account/company name. LeadAngel’s Lead to account fuzzy matching engine uses machine learning-based and dictionary based algorithm. Fuzziness can be configured according to your necessary requirements. An option for creating custom rules is also available, thus allowing for the honoring of some common company-specific matching rules. The following are likewise provided:

  • Ignore company suffixes.
  • Match popular acronyms.
  • Match popular nicknames.
  • Match based on web domain.
  • Fix special characters.
  • Geo Sensitive Match.
  • Custom “Always/Never” Match rules.
  • Mergers and acquisition match.

LeadAngel Lead Routing engine is a platform independent of any other existing Marketing Automation system or CRM. Natively integrated with SalesForce.com, it can also be integrated with other CRMs with the supporting API. The following integration schemes are supported:

  • Salesforce.com.
  • Other CRM using custom API.
  • Marketo Webhooks.
  • Eloqua Cloud Connectors.


    With the latest advancements in technology, businesses can now oversee an entire financial transaction in a minute at the comforts of their offices rather than take a time-consuming trip to the bank. With far-reaching access to mobile technology, things have moved even faster than ever as businesses and entrepreneurs are able to deal with each other at the tip of their fingertips. The rapid evolution of B2B solutions has made it possible to find leads and nurture their interest in a product or service through an automated platform that integrates different marketing channels instantaneously. With such accelerated development of technology, doing business has gotten easier every day. However, this has also meant clients moving at a much faster pace. Instantaneous transactions have become the common thing in ways unimaginable just decades ago that “follow-up delays” has become the biggest deal killer today.