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Seize your leads and avoid inefficiencies that potentially lead to wasted resources, time, and effort. With LeadAngel, optimize your sales process to soundly improve lead conversion rates.

Who Are We?

Welcome to LeadAngel (Vyakar Inc.), where innovation meets experience. Our journey began from the trenches of leading sales and marketing operations, facing the same challenges that many organizations grapple with. 

Picture this: valuable leads drowned in a sea of duplicates, sales calls to existing customers, and a vague answer to the state of the sales funnel.

Frustration was the norm, and it wasn’t just us. Conversations with peers confirmed that lead processes were slow, imprecise, and downright frustrating everywhere. We scoured the market for a solution, but finding none, we took matters into our own hands.

Fast forward to today, and LeadAngel proudly stands as the gold standard in automated lead processing. We’ve helped countless companies swiftly route their best leads to the right people, eliminating the black hole where leads often vanish. 

No more outdated distribution rules causing chaos – we bring order and speed to the world of sales.

We’re not just a solution; we’re a promise. Your leads won’t disappear into a void here. Whether you’re looking to enhance lead management at your company or considering a career with LeadAngel, we’re eager to connect. 

Join us in revolutionizing the way leads are handled – because at LeadAngel, success is a shared journey.

Here are some working steps to organize our business sales.

How It Works?

Find out everything you need to know and more about how we create our business process models.

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Collect Ideas

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Data Analysis

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Finalize Product

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Meet our leadership:
Guiding Your Lead Management Software Success.

At LeadAngel, we understand that the success of your lead management software relies on the vision, expertise, and dedication of our leadership team. Our leaders bring experience and innovation, ensuring our software solutions meet and exceed your expectations. Allow us to introduce you to the minds behind the magic.
Ashutosh Rao

Ashutosh Rao


Ashutosh is a Sales Leader whose main area of interest lies in solving complex sales, safety, and customer experience problems.

Global insights into workplace performance and a keen understanding of skill gap reduction methods have helped him scale LeadAngel from the ground-up on a shoe-string budget to a profitable and successful lead routing and management platform.

See how Ashutosh can help you identify and solve problems in your sales funnel

Deepak Kumar


Deepak brings his extreme passion for Sales and Marketing Operations tools and technologies to work everyday at LeadAngel. After working across Sales Operations functions in various firms in the past, and understanding how businesses suffer in the absence of B2B lead management, he is helping shape the future at LeadAngel and route qualified business leads to our clientele and their sales teams.

Wondering how your business can benefit from LeadAngel’s state-of-the-art lead routing?


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