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The Gold Standard In Lead Management

LeadAngel smart-matches incoming leads with existing accounts using smart sales lead management strategy among your sales team using the most powerful & flexible routing engine available.



Drive sales with the the world’s most powerful smart lead management tool.

easy to setup

Easy to set up

Set up in minutes using a graphic or drag-and-drop interface.

easy to maintain

Easy to Maintain

Adapt rules on the fly or let the system learn from your actions.

insightful reports

Insightful Reports

Gain actionable sales team insight.

work with any crm

Works with any CRM

Salesforce, Oracle, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics and more.


100% Secure

Built from the ground up with 2FA and SOC-2 compliance.

lead matching system

The Smartest and Most Powerful Lead Matching System on the Market

Has your CRM ever routed leads from an existing account to a new salesperson because the company name didn’t perfectly match?

LeadAngel uses advanced machine learning to smart-match different permutations of a company name to filter leads, weed out duplicates, and match them to existing accounts. Lead Management System  has dozens of ways to identify matching companies—it even ingests merger and acquisition news to link new subsidiaries to parent companies. 

Optimize Your Sales Team with Powerful and Flexible Lead Routing

Has your system ever routed multiple leads from the same company to different salespeople?

Send all leads from the same company to the same person or team. Divide your leads by region, company size, inquiry history, or dozens of other parameters, and send them to specific salespeople—or divide them up with round robin lead assignment strategy. Never let another lead languish with the wrong salesperson.


Clean Up Your Data with Deduplication and Autoconversion

Is your database clogged and reporting inaccurate because of duplicate data?
Eliminate duplicate leads, merge leads with existing contacts, and eliminate redundant accounts with LeadAngel’s powerful data cleanup engine. Further optimize your sales funnel with the feature of lead distributions software’s feature such as autoconversion of leads into contacts if a matching account is found.

Account Based Selling, Perfected

Whether it’s an existing account or one you still hope to close, Smart Lead Management Tool makes sure the correct team member has every lead, contact, and opportunity associated with an account sorted, de-duped, and in one place. With Lead Management Software, automatically merge or convert objects as necessary.


What LeadAngel Customers Are Saying

The lead to account matching works great! We’re seeing a 35% increase in our lead engagement and 50% overall increase in our pipeline.

Matt A Revenue Operations Manager

LeadAngel is really great to automate lead assignment in a simple and effective way, very user-friendly app and outstanding support.

Melissa L Business Analyst

This is exactly that functionality we were searching for to automate incoming lead processing

Roman K Salesforce Architect

    What LeadAngel Customers Are Saying

    "Lead Angel is very easy to customize, and the support is outstanding." This software is very cost-saving compared to other vendors. Taking the time to understand our business needs, very collaborative, and quick to respond. We use Salesforce with this Software.

    Lead Angel has a very intuitive UI and an amazing support team who is always ready to assist you when you have an issue. The best part is, it just works.I found them to be easy to setup and work through issues when they arise.

    "Lead Angel makes responding to leads immediately increasing lead close rates". Easy to maintain and very configurable product. Flexible and robust algorithms. Support is responsive, a strong focus on improving the product.