Increase Your Revenue and Close More Deals

Qualify, track, and manage your leads in real time with LeadAngel, the all-in-one lead management solution. Simple, automated, and CRM-agnostic.

Your integrated, cutting-edge lead management solution

LeadAngel empowers sales teams to enhance efficiency, accelerate conversions, and unlock the full potential of your sales pipeline. Our advanced, all-in-one solution seamlessly integrates with any CRM to match, clean, and route leads in real time —we are your strategic ally!

Increase your pipeline to boost revenue

Grow your sales pipeline by up to 30% on the leads you're already generating.

Reduce your revenue operation costs

Optimize processes, improve efficiency, and enhance overall productivity within your team and reduce costs by up to 20%*.

Increase your speed-to-lead with instant routing

Route leads in just seconds and enforce SLA to ensure effective team collaboration and effectiveness.

Route leads to the right rep every time

Industry-leading 99.7% lead-to-account match accuracy to ensure that leads are always routed to the right sales rep.

Manage duplicates and clean up your leads

Merge, delete, or convert your duplicates for improved data accuracy, enhanced targeting, and higher conversion rates.

Automate and customize lead hand-off for higher close rate

Live-transfer leads from SDR to Account Executives for faster response times, higher lead quality, and enhanced lead nurturing.

Book meetings with your SDRs on the spot

Automate appointment booking with your prospects and accelerate your response to demo request.

Easy to maintain

Takes less than 30 min to deploy, easy to maintain and natively integrates with Salesforce and Hubspot. API integration available for other CRM

Increase conversion and streamline your sales process

Weed out duplicates and find and filter your perfect prospects in seconds with LeadAngel’s lead-to-account matching

Never let a lead languish with the wrong salesperson

Send all leads from the same company to the same person or team. With our Smart Lead Routing, divide your leads by dozens of parameters and round robin them among your reps. 

No more clogged databases and inaccurate reporting

Eliminate duplicate leads, merge leads with existing contacts, and eliminate redundant accounts with LeadAngel’s powerful data cleanup engine.

Book meetings with your leads instantly

Never lose a lead again in phone or email tagging. Schedule meetings with your prospects on the spot and connect with them today!


What do our customers say about us?

Brendan L

Sales Operations Leader Saved over 250K annually, got exceptional support and premium feature set.

Matt A

Revenue Operations Manager Matt helped his company increase pipeline by 30%.

Nicole P

Salesforce Administrator Nicole switched from a competition to help her company get premium features and cost advantage.

Craig H

Sales Operations Leader Craig finds it extremely simple and effective to implement LeadAngel Solutions.