Key Features

Route your leads, contacts and accounts to the most appropriate sales people for faster response and higher sales.


Route Any Object

Route leads, contacts, opportunities, and accounts based on flexible and powerful rules. Auto-convert objects as necessary.

powerful segmentation

Powerful Segmentation

Segment leads based on any characteristic, such as geography, size, industry, product interest, inquiry email domain, use of competitor’s product, or account status.


Flexible Distribution

Distribute segmented leads via round robin, lead assignment individually, weighted, or queue algorithms.

account based assignment

Account Based Assignment

Route all leads and contacts to the account owner.


Easy Maintenance

Maintain your system with our intuitive and centralized rules.

Segment Objects Using Any Parameter

Optimized distribution of sales-relevant objects begins with the right segmentation.

segment leads
lead distribution

Assign Leads with Flexible, Powerful Rules

LeadAngel’s lead distribution system gives you all the tools you need to act on segmented lead lists.

Easy Setup

Use a visual flowchart interface or use a drag-and-drop list interface to build routing rules.

easy setup
reroute leads

Escalate and Reroute Leads

LeadAngel’s advanced lead routing makes sure that no lead falls through the cracks. Set up tasks and reminders. Reroute sales leads to another salesperson if they’re not acted upon quickly enough, and escalate leads to other sales teams.

Easy Maintenance

Global Data Dictionary: global definitions allow for simple creation and modification of rules. For example, define a group of 5 salespeople and route leads to them in multiple flows. Adding a 6th salesperson? Just add the new salesperson to that definition and all rules auto-update.

Smart updates: We learn from your overrides. As you manually adjust lead routings, the system learns to automatically route the leads next time.

easy maintenance

100% Secure

LeadAngel is a cloud service that is built on a SOC-2 compliant infrastructure with 2FA authentication. Your leads are 100% secure in the LeadAngel system.

LeadAngel’s Lead Routing Helps Your Business Drive Sales

LeadAngel isn’t just the best lead to account matching software for Salesforce and other popular CRMs. Lead matching is just the beginning of a powerful suite of tools. Company name matching algorithm enables advanced lead routing that will optimize your sales team and make sure that great leads are followed up on quickly.

The LeadAngel magic begins with automated lead routing workflows. You can set these up and control them using either a list or a graphical interface. Powerful and flexible rules will make sure that the right person gets the right lead right away.

Once your system is running, you can optimize your lead distribution system by tweaking the rules on the fly manually or automatically. The global data dictionary allows you to make changes in one place that automatically adjust the lead distribution software rules across your entire system.

LeadAngel customers are able to distribute leads using a number of methods, such as the round-robin lead assignment algorithm, in Salesforce or any other CRM. Aside from load-balancing your sales team, it allows you to escalate or reroute leads based on sales team performance.

LeadAngel isn’t simply the best lead router app, it’s the best lead routing system available on the market today. Contact us today to learn more.