Lead Routing Solutions

Boost Your Sales with Automated Lead Routing Software

Do you want to know how Lead Routing can help? LeadAngel provides a platform to route your leads to the right prospect with unique and smart Automated Lead Routing Software Solutions on a real-time basis.

Route Leads in Minutes

Executing with the first step of Quick response and connecting with the leads on right time enhances your sales and marketing operations. Recent reports reveal 79% of marketing leads don’t turn into customers, and the main culprit is the absence of nurture.
Lead Routing Software
Lead Routing rules

Easy to Maintain

  • Cost-effective Lead Routing rules incorporate a user-friendly interface with easy drag and drop options without any complexities. Lead Routing Software allows you to have complete access without hiring a professional.
  • Easy to share and administrate, LeadAngel saves time and money to improve a sales team’s efficiency and decrease “dead calls”.

Route leads to person you want

Smart automated lead routing software solutions of the Leadangel route lead to the person of your choice. It can directly assign the leads to the best-suited sales rep, account owner, a custom success manager, the round-robin sales team, or to a queue.
Lead Assignment
Lead Routing Automation Software

Create Territories the way you want

Are you facing difficulty in deciding when and which lead should be prioritized?

LeadAngel’s Lead Routing Software is the platform which is capable to Customize or create the new territories with the help of data dictionary as per your rules based on source, campaign, product, opportunity, and geography of the leads.

Detailed Reporting

Is it possible to track the entire data and optimize the lead routing strategy to boost the Lead Conversion Procedure when required?
Availability of Response time, lead distribution, rep performances on the LeadAngle’s dashboard allows us to track all the detailed lead routing reports, and analyze data visually. It helps in enhancing the productivity with higher possibility of sales or “Lead to Contact Conversion” rate and delivers better engagement
Lead to Account Conversion

Additional power features that you can rely on

Real time assignment

Quick assigning of leads to right sales rep in real-time basis.

Drag and Drop UI

Create and customize your own lead routing strategy with easy and flexible user-friendly UI.

Powerful Administration

High-Quality expertise on reducing and sorting the duplicate leads.

Merge Leads and Contacts

Get new opportunities for lead conversion by merging existing leads and the contacts.

Auto Conversion to Account

Monitor and Convert your prospects instantly by reducing the response time.

Assignment Flexibility

Possibility of selecting from Round Robin, Individual, Weighted, or Queue Algorithms

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