You focus on the lead-generation, and LeadAngel will help you close more leads.

If you have spent hard-earned dollars on marketing activities to drive awareness and interest in your brand’s offering online, the hope would be that your prospect would take some sort of action – maybe make a purchase or fill out a form. While you may have invested heavily in creating a pipeline of potential customers for your sales team to pursue, it may not be enough to help you get the deal over the line. Your Demand Generation efforts are only effective if you are able to convert potential into actual clients. At LeadAngel, this is what we do every single day.

Why choose LeadAngel for Demand Generation?

LeadAngel can be a gamechanger for your Demand Generation efforts. Here is a quick snapshot of just what we can do for your organization:

Manual or outdated lead management processes prevent you from running specific account-based campaigns with ease. Should you choose to run them, the amount of time, effort and resources required from your team may not make sense in comparison to the expected outcomes. Now imagine that instead of doing this manually, you could:

  • Automate the process
  • Run campaigns on a whim
  • Expedite the process of setting up the whole campaign
  • Reduce resource requirements for this task on average by 73%

Marketing Operations teams are not always in sync with leads that are actively part of the sales pipeline. This can lead to poor sales enablement. With LeadAngel, you are able to eradicate this gap by providing real-time visibility across Marketing Operations and Sales functions. More importantly, you can even prioritise leads based on organizational/team goals. Nurturing the lead is essential, and it is in these times that you:

  • Retarget them with ads, and relevant content.
  • Remind them of your brand.
  • Remind them of your value proposition.

Your own database may not be utilised to its fullest potential today. Striking while the iron is hot is essential if you want to close more leads than the competition. In fact, in situations where the competition is either acquired, or is featured in news/digital platforms for any reason, your organization may need to rapidly pivot its sales approach. Now imagine being able to identify contacts based on an account list. By uploading a list of companies that your competition targets and matching them against your database on LeadAngel, you can help your sales team close their leads a lot faster. But that’s not all. With LeadAngel, you can:

  • Eliminate manual processes completely in this area and speed-up that pivot.
  • Prioritise parts of the competition’s clientele that you want your sales teams to target.
  • Help your team focus on tasks that help generate revenue

Selling through external channels or partners requires a different strategic approach. While this may make sense from a cost perspective for you, there are ways in which this process can be made better with LeadAngel:

  • Partner leads often go through various manual processes in the sales pipeline and can sometimes take weeks to register. LeadAngel’s Lead-to-Account-Matching brings consistency and accuracy to the process, and in time allows you to speed it up. Without LeadAngel, what can be done in hours could take a few weeks.
  • Manual list pulls are often inconsistent and incomplete. Marketing Operations teams don’t always fully utilize the value of every dollar spent. With LeadAngel, you can bring again bring consistency and accuracy to the process.
  • Prospect experience is critical to lead conversion, and a major part of providing the right experience to prospects lies in closing the deal quickly and efficiently. LeadAngel can make a big difference here.
  • Book 2x more meetings thanks to LeadAngel’s in-built calendar scheduling feature that maps your sales team’s calendars to your client’s preferences on the spot.
  • Avoid the dreaded lead drop, or dead leads if a salesperson is away or on vacation. With LeadAngel, a lead gets assigned to reps who are active and available always.