LeadAngel Values

Watch the video and understand the core values of LeadAngel in brief. 

LeadAngel Product and Demo

A step by step demo to setup a functional lead router. Explore key features and fundamental elements required to setup a Lead Routing program.

How to Activate LeadAngel from Salesforce App?

Activating LeadAngel App is necessary to get started. Explore how to activate LeadAngel App from Salesforce AppExchange.

Sales Team

Learn what is Sales Team in details. And understand the compelte procedure to create a Sales Team as per the requirement.

Data dictionary

Discover when and where to find Data Dictionaries in the canvas and how to use it with different filters. Get complete information and avoid the errors.

Routing Territory

Routing Territory is a key term to understand. Learn what is Routing Territory and how to use the feature in details.

Account and Contact Routing

LeadAngel has released two new features – Account and Contact Routing to ease the lead routing procedure. Learn how to use the new features without any hassle.

What is Waterfall Lead Router?

Understand the concept of waterfall lead router in details and learn how to use it during the procedure as per the requirement.

Advanced "More Options" Features of Lead Router

Discover how lead router procedure allows advanced – more options and filter as per the user’s need. Learn how to use the options