Integrate Leadangel with ease – connect your favorite tools in minutes

LeadAngel natively integrates with many market leading CRM and marketing automations platforms to facilitate the most advanced lead management and account based marketing. Native integration is also available for Online Video conferencing, meeting scheduling and messaging/collaboration tools.


Salesforce as master CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 as master CRM


HubSpot as master CRM


Automatically push static lists to Marketo for account based marketing

Google Calendar

Share Google Workspace calendar with external users, or for online and offline scheduling

Microsoft Office 365

Share Office 365 calendar with external users for online and offline scheduling


Online video conferencing for offline hand-off and webinar registration calendar invitation.

Google Meet

Online video conferencing for Google Workspace Integration. 

Microsoft Teams

Online video conferencing  and instant assignment notifications to microsoft teams users and groups


Instant assignment notifications to Slack users and channels


Instant assignment notifications to using text/sms

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Native integration is developed by LeadAngel and can be easily enabled by customers. The API integration, on the other hand, has to be implemented by the customer's IT or operations team. LeadAngel will provide the API key and the documentation.

Please see our developer portal

LeadAngel API subscriptions are available by product, and can be purchased by Enterprise edition users. Please contact your account manager to learn more.

Yes, API rate limits for LeadAngel API vary by subscription.  Please contact your account manager to learn more.