LeadAngel merges your duplicate leads, so you don't have to. Harness the power of machine learning to eliminate duplicate leads, contacts, and accounts.

About The Platform

Dirty data can cost a business $15 million—and 94% of businesses report issues with data quality. LeadAngel’s algorithm was designed after hearing from businesses like yours about struggling to clean up duplicate leads.

LeadAngel’s set-and-forget platform takes 15 minutes to implement; from there, it takes care of your lead database. Our algorithm matches leads to accounts, leads to leads, and leads to contacts for maximum deduplication efficiency. 

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Merging Duplicates

Conveniently merge duplicate records in standard and custom objects or even cross-objects. Use the side-by-side display.

Advanced Filtering

Filter your records and duplicate matches only to show what you need to merge. Filtering is as advanced or simple as you need it.

Custom Merge and Match Rules

Want more control over duplicates and merges? Create your own merge and matching rules, custom-designed for your data.

Better Data Maintenance and Cleaning

Ensure that data quality and validity surpass the competition. Standardize or normalize your data with our prebuilt transformation rules, or create your own.

Data Retention

Prevent data loss and ensure retention of the most accurate and comprehensive view of an entity after deduplication.

Scalable Deduping

Use more advanced and scalable features for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) lead deduplication than the ones built into CRMs, like HubSpot or Salesforce.

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Our innovative data deduplication software eliminates duplicates, automates record matching, and ensures the accuracy of your CRM.

See the difference for yourself! Watch our quick demo and discover how you can:

✔ Boost marketing campaign performance with targeted and accurate data.

✔ Improve sales efficiency by focusing on real leads, not duplicates.

✔ Enhance customer service with a single, unified view of every customer.

✔ Stop wasting time and resources on dirty data.


Hear why our customers chose LeadAngel?

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Brendan L.
Sales Operations Leader

In this video review, Brenden L. sheds light on the power of creative thinking, working together with the team, and a strong commitment to always getting better. He explains how he saved over 250K every year at Touch Bistro through effective lead routing and received exceptional support.

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Matt Amadea
Revenue Operations Manager

Embark on the remarkable journey of Matt, who played a crucial role in elevating his company’s sales pipeline by 50% and boosting engagement by 35%. Discover how he harnessed the power of LeadAngel’s automated lead management to reduce response times and streamline lead management for enhanced efficiency.

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Nicole Perry
Salesforce Administrator

Witness Nicole’s smooth transition to LeadAngel, discovering a user-friendly, drag-and-drop lead routing tool that transformed her workflow. Not only did she find it incredibly intuitive, but LeadAngel proved to be a much more affordable solution coupled with exceptional customer support for her business needs.

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Craig Handy
Sales Operations Leader

Craig wholeheartedly recommends LeadAngel Solutions to businesses seeking a simple yet powerful tool to supercharge their lead management process. With its user-friendly interface and impressive results, the platform has earned Craig’s trust as an indispensable asset in his company’s journey to success.

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