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Automatically merge duplicate leads and accounts with the most efficient AI solution in the business.


Auto-convert leads to contacts, accounts, and opportunities.


Automatically copy relevant account data to leads and trigger pre-planned workflows so you’re your sales reps are set to do their job.

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LeadAngel takes your database game to the next level, boosting your team’s efforts in building, optimizing, and maintaining it for future triumphs. Experience a game-changing 10% time savings, and that’s just the beginning.

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Allow LeadAngel to merge duplicate leads and accounts directly using a predefined set of rules to unlock ultimate efficiency.


Easily convert leads into contacts, opportunities, and accounts with LeadAngel, without the need to manually sort out or enter any information into your CRM.

Harmonize your sales process

Automatically transfer relevant account data to new leads, equipping your team with valuable insights.

Say goodbye to lead clutter right from the start

Effortlessly eliminate duplicate leads and kick off your journey with a clean slate. It’s not just setup; it’s a cleanup that sets the stage for your organization’s success

Secure Access

SOC-2 compliant infrastructure with 2FA authentication ensures that only authorized personnel can access LeadAngel. With us, your leads are 100% safe.

How do customers or prospects schedule meetings?


Improved data quality

By removing duplicate records, the data in your CRM becomes more accurate and reliable, which can lead to better decision making and improved sales performance.

Increased efficiency

When duplicate records exist in your CRM, sales representatives may end up contacting the same lead multiple times, which can lead to wasted time and resources. Data deduplication can help to eliminate these inefficiencies and improve the overall efficiency of the sales process.

Better targeting and nurturing of leads

By removing duplicate records, it can help to ensure that leads are properly tracked and managed throughout the sales process, which can lead to better targeting and nurturing of leads.

Better customer experience

It can help to ensure that customers are only contacted once by the sales team, which can lead to a better customer experience and stronger relationships with customers.

Cost Savings

By reducing the number of duplicate records in the CRM system, data deduplication can also help to reduce the costs associated with storing and managing data.
Fix a broken lead funnel with just one call.


Data cleansing is the process of removing junk data or duplicate records while creating record relationships (such as Lead vs Contact vs Account).

Lead merge is the process of merging two lead records, while Lead convert is the process of changing a lead record into a contact record. Lead can create a new contact, or can merge into an existing contact.

Yes. LeadAngel can either create a new contact, or merge into an existing contact when a matching record is found.

Yes, you can set a global dedupe rule, or process only certain records for deduplication.

Yes. LeadAngel can convert a lead into contact when a matching account is found, and can also create an account+contact when no matching account record is found.

Leads and Contacts can be deduped based on various combinations of Email, First + Last Name, Company Name, Phone Number.

Yes, global dedupe rules run in the background, unattended.

According to various surveys, a bad record costs a company about 100 USD, while also impacting productivity. Moreover, the customer and prospects experience is also impacted as they hear conflicting messages coming out from companies with bad data.

All the bon-blank fields are carried over from the merged record to the surviving records. Any non-blank field in the surviving record is NOT overwritten.