Lead Matching Platform And API Overview

All organizations, from the smallest businesses to the biggest corporations, face their own set of challenges. No two can be run exactly the same way. Each one will require a different approach when it comes to data management, dealing with internal information dissemination, and client interface.

This is where we come in. Don’t let a canned lead routing approach dictate the way you manage information and deal with clients; make sure you have the best the industry has to offer. The LeadAngel Lead Routing platform is designed to work just beyond the standard lead routing approaches. We provide API for businesses to use; these are tools that are especially useful to handle some extremely customized business requirements.

The LeadAngel portal is the place to pre-configure the following:
  • API definition.
  • Upload templates.
  • Target Accounts.
  • List Match preferences.
  • User Setup and Access.
Work with Marketing Automation vendors such as Eloqua and Marketo to match a marketing contact against the Target Account list. Also integrate with CRM systems using API to sync Account, Campaigns, Leads, Contacts, Opportunity, Users and Products.
Work with LeadAngel team to create a custom API that could be used to match leads against target account. There are two ways to manage the target account list:

Manage Target Lists.
  • Single Record Management: Be able to Upsert or Delete one target account record at a time using company ID.
  • Bulk Management: Upload a file as payload in a predefined format and desired action such as Upsert or Delete.

Lead to Account matching requirements vary based on one’s objective. For lead routing, a tighter and confident match is required, while for marketing segmentation, norms can be relaxed a bit and throw a wider net.

  • Real time sync between Salesforce Development Community and LeadAngel for Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Campaigns and Opportunities.
  • Lead to Account Matching API for SFDC.
  • Configurable API for other CRM to sync leads, account, contacts, campaigns, and opportunities.
  • Configurable API for other CRM for lead to account matching.
Because every transaction made is dependent on data, it is important to make sure that every detail is correct and accurate. At minimum, use expert services to clean and standardize on Lead Title Level, Job Function, Industry and Company Size
  • Single Lead Match: Match a single lead record against a Target Company list.
  • Bulk Match: Upload a file as payload in a predefined format to match against a target list, and get back the results in an email.