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Lost revenue opportunities, poor customer experience, higher customer churn —lead and account mismatch can cost you dearly. Increase your conversion rates by matching leads with existing or new accounts, effortlessly and in real time

LeadAngel is flexible to fit your needs –you adjust the matching rules and our fuzzy algorithm does the rest.

Ready to supercharge your conversion rate? 

You’re on the brink of a game-changing choice! Here’s why investing in Lead to Account matching through LeadAngel is a strategic move.

Increase your revenue

Prioritize high-value leads and ensure the most qualified sales reps for every lead to significantly boost your revenue.

Optimize sales engagement

Match the right rep and the right lead for more targeted and effective engagement. Increase the chances of successfully converting leads into customers.

Speed up the sales cycle

Move prospects through your funnel quickly and effectively with perfectly accurate matching and prompt lead assignment.

Improve your lead quality

Leverage qualification criteria to ensure that only high-quality leads are assigned to the sales team for more successful conversions.

Enhance customer retention

Gain a thorough understanding of account interactions through smart lead matching. Empower your team to engage with customers in a more personalized manner.

Avoid revenue leakage

Ensure that leads are not overlooked or mishandled. Automatically assign every opportunity to minimize the risk of revenue losses.

Boost cross-selling and upselling

Make the most of cross-selling and upselling opportunities. Unleash your sales reps to identify additional products or services that align with the customer’s needs.

Easily match more than 7 million records per hour!

Flexible Matching for Your Needs

Unlock the power of LeadAngel’s fuzzy match algorithm designed to adapt to your preferences. Tailor the matching confidence level by toggling rules on or off. Define custom “Always Match” or “Never Match” rules for specific business relationships.

Customizable Match Confidence

Take control of your matching preferences with LeadAngel. Adjust the confidence level by enabling or disabling rules based on your requirements. Tighten rules for precision and fewer but highly relevant results, or relax them for a wider range of options.


Speed and Efficiency with LeadAngel

Experience the unmatched speed of LeadAngel’s algorithm and architecture, capable of seamlessly matching over 7 million records per hour. Whether you’re segmenting based on company names or need swift matching capabilities, LeadAngel delivers efficiency at scale.


Strategic Account Assignment

Not every lead is ready for a purchase, but LeadAngel’s lead-to-account matching solution ensures that your sales reps focus on the right accounts. Easily assign accounts to specific reps, allowing them to concentrate on delivering maximum value.


Efficient Sales Rep Focus

With LeadAngel, empower your sales reps to focus on what matters. The algorithm’s high speed allows for efficient matching, enabling reps to handle specific accounts rather than chasing new ones constantly. 

What is fuzzy matching, and why should it excite you?

Fuzzy matching is a technique used in data matching and record linkage to identify and match similar but not identical data. It’s a method of matching similar or related records even when the data is not an exact match. This technique is useful when the data being matched is not clean, consistent, or complete, or when there are variations in the way that data is entered or recorded.

At LeadAngel, we use fuzzy matching to fix issues is your database and help you enhance the productivity of your sales team.

What about data deduplication?

Data deduplication is the process of identifying and removing duplicate records from a dataset. This process is important in your sales process because it helps to ensure that the data in your company’s CRM system is accurate and up-to-date. When duplicate records exist in your CRM, it can lead to confusion, errors, and inefficiencies in the sales process.

It can be done manually or through automated data deduplication, a key feature once you sign up with LeadAngel. Customers who have used LeadAngel dedupe function have seen a 68% efficiency gain for their sales teams

At LeadAngel, we use fuzzy matching to fix issues is your database and help you enhance the productivity of your sales team.
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The purpose of lead to account matching is to connect leads (potential customers) with the appropriate accounts (existing customers or prospects) in a company's CRM (customer relationship management) system. This helps sales teams to effectively target and nurture leads, and to ensure that leads are properly tracked and managed throughout the sales process.

Lead to account matching can be done manually or through automated lead to account matching software. Manual matching involves manually reviewing and comparing lead information with account information in a company's CRM system. Automated matching uses algorithms and machine learning to match leads with accounts based on specific criteria such as company name, industry, and location.


Some of the benefits of lead to account matching include: 1. Improved targeting and nurturing of leads 2. Better tracking and management of leads throughout the sales process 3. Increased efficiency and productivity for sales teams 4. Reduction of the risk of leads falling through the cracks, 5. Ensuring that leads are properly qualified and routed to the appropriate sales representative.


Yes, LeadAngel support team can help you rematching part or all of your leads against accounts.

LeadAngel provides the ability for customers to change priority order, enable/disable a rule set. In certain cases, we can even develop a custom rule. Upon reconfiguration of matching rules, the leads are rematched with accounts.

Yes, with LeadAngel you can match against CRM accounts as well as custom lists that you upload.

The accuracy of lead to account matching can vary depending on the quality and completeness of the data in a company's CRM system. However, automated lead to account matching software can have high accuracy rates with the right data, and manual matching can also be accurate if done by experienced sales representative.

In certain situations, customers want to exclude certain leads or accounts from participating in the matching process. This is ring fencing, and can be implemented within LeadAngel while working with the support team.

Boosts are usually applied to certain types of accounts, example, customer accounts get priority over partner accounts during matching. While Tie breaker is applied after the matching, and two accounts return the same matching propensity. Example for Tie Breaker could be, an account with most contact wins over an account with fewer contacts.

Both boost and tie-breaker can be customized.

One lead can only be matched with one account, however you can see the other probably account matches in the LeadAngel section with-in your CRM (Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365).

Common challenges with lead to account matching include poor data quality and completeness, lack of standardization in data entry, and difficulties in identifying and matching similar but not identical company names or contact information. Another challenge is if there are too many leads, it will be difficult to match them all.


You can map any matching account and lead attribute to limit matching. Some attributes are available out of the box (such as City, State and Country), while others can be configured with the help of LeadAngel support team.