Let SDR lock in meeting with hot prospects in minutes, while LeadAngel finds the best fit Account Executive to schedule meeting

LeadAngel finds the available Account Executive based on prospect’s preferred date, time of the day or both. Apart from calendar availability, the leads can be routed using all available lead attributes, account ownership and activity history. Implement a Round Robin assignment along with the ability to boost and accrue leads for the best performing Account Executive, helping close more deals.

Never scramble to schedule follow-up calls, no more email tagging. Seamlessly find the right salesperson with-in organization

Choose from a variety of event types and instantaneously schedule a meeting on prospect’s preferred date and time. No more anxiety or delays in scheduling followup calls or lead transfer to Account Executive.

Real Time Round Robin

Round robin with-in a sales team, with ability to re-route with-in team if not accepted with-in given time (can be set to seconds, minutes, hours or days).

Easy Maintenance

 Easily configure who all have access to accept or reject leads on behalf of teams.

Meeting Templates

Create organization wide meeting templates to share and auto deploy for new sales team members.

Online Meeting Integration

One click integration with online conferences including Zoom, Microsoft Office and Google Meet.

Automatic Reminders

Send automatic customized meeting reminders, along with options to reschedule.

Joint Calendar

Combine multiple calendars to ensure all the required people are open for the meeting.

What kind of lead routing solutions does LeadAngel offer?

Prospect has engaged, and is ready to talk next day or any day at 3:00 PM. LeadAngel helps find out the Account Executive who is available on the preferred date and time, and also schedules the meeting while SDR is still on call with prospects.A wholesome customer experience from get go.

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Find Account Executive and schedule the follow-up call right away

Prospect is more likely to show up in follow-up meetings when booked with right stakeholders, while on the phone during qualification. Find the best suited, available sales.

Optimized Customer Experience

If a lead can’t speak to an AE right away, the best thing to offer them is a quick and painless way to schedule the next step based on their convenience. And since our back-end can still be programmed to match the right AE to the right lead, any prospects still get the best fit for them, even if it’s at a later time; we know as well as you do, every lead is important.

Completely Customizable Dashboard

We’ve built the routing process into our algorithm—all you have to do is choose the parameters that are most important to you. With offline hand-off, you can still tailor which AEs are weighted higher, how availability is managed, and nearly every detail of how leads are routed.

Lead Management That Works for You

The LeadAngel platform automatically protects against any corner cases or attempts to game the system—for example, an SDR who might be interested in routing around the algorithm to a preferred AE—so your priorities and systems are safeguarded.

Wondering what kind of lead routing solution works for your business?


Offline scheduling is the process when an SDR/BDR books the prospect meeting, while on call with the prospect. SDR/BDR finds the right salesperson, available at the time of prospects' choice and books the meeting.

Yes, scheduling requests for a specific date is possible with-in LeadAngel. LeadAngel router will look to find the best suited sales person at the requested date.

During On the Spot transfer, the prospect is ready to speak with the account executive right away, while for Offline Scheduling, the prospect is ready to speak with the account executive at a later time. SDR/BDR is responsible for call transfer in On the Spot transfer, while SDR/BDR is responsible for setting up the meeting for Offline Scheduling.

Yes, scheduling requests for a specific time is possible with-in LeadAngel. LeadAngel router will look to find the best suited sales person at the requested time.

Yes, you can define the rollback if the meeting is not set up with-in specific time, and can also set a rule to send the same lead to the same sales rep if the form is resubmitted with-in short time.

The meeting is scheduled in the Queue manager’s calendar with a note to highlight that no sales person was available.

Yes. A LeadAngel standard router can be configured behind an offline scheduling form.

Yes, you can use any other calendar such as HubSpot, Calendly etc. However, it may limit certain features (such as assignment roll back, custom thank you page etc)

Yes, LeadAngel’s Web2Lead offline scheduling thank you pages can be customized.