Never let well qualified and hot leads go cold waiting for an account executive to call back

Our routing rules automatically assign leads to the correct AEs based on a combination of integrated CRM fields, including territory, company size, account ownership, and more, plus other parameters, such as availability and trusted distribution methods (e.g., round robin). Notify Account Executives (AEs) via text, email, in-app notifications, or slack, and assign only when they accept the leads.

Create a hustle culture with-in sales team, implement live queue for sales person to grab leads in real time

The named Account Executive is not available, not a problem! Route to lead to a live queue (i.e. broadcast), for any other Account Executive to grab on a first come first serve basis. Most responsive sales person gets most of the leads. A sure recipe to close more deals.

Real Time Round Robin

Round robin with-in a sales team, with ability to re-route with-in team if not accepted with-in given time (can be set to seconds, minutes, hours or days).

Broadcast Leads

Broadcast leads to a sales team to be picked based on First Come First Serve.

Multi Channel Notifications

Notify via Slack, In-App, Email or Text for faster acceptance.

Easy Maintenance

Easily configure who all have access to accept or reject leads on behalf of teams.

Queue Management:

Accrue leads when someone is on vacation, or reward more leads to high performing sales people.

Real Time Feedback

SDR initiates the On the Spot transfer and can see the leads as it is being routed, re-routed and accepted by account executives. Can be initiated in silent mode as well.

What kind of lead routing solutions does LeadAngel offer?

LeadAngel offers the SDR or Sales initiated On the Spot, where routing feedback is provided on the spot. On the other hand, Silent On the Spot works in backend without any visible feedback to SDR.

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Close the deal now, don’t let your qualified leads go cold

When a prospect is ready for the next call, nothing beats their expectation than being able to talk to an account executive right away. No more delays or cold deals – just seamless, instant allocation of leads to the right team members.

The Need for Speed

Speed is key to sales; 78% of prospective clients buy from the company they hear from first (and more than 8 out of 10 customers expect to hear back after form fills within 10 minutes). Plus, quick action reduces the likelihood that the lead loses interest, hears from a speedy competitor first, or misses a call back or scheduling email.

A Proven Increase in Closed Deals

If the lead talks to an SDR within five minutes of a form fill, and then the right AE immediately after, the chances of closing the deal are significantly higher—21 times higher, in fact. We’ll take those odds over playing phone tag for two weeks until the lead’s interest fizzles out.

Better Customer Experience

Prioritizing a short wait for the lead—and connecting them to the right members of your team—not only increases your chances of closing a lead, but also sets the tone for a better long-term relationship between your company and theirs.

Wondering what kind of lead routing solution works for your business?


On the Spot lead handoff is the process of an SDR or BDR finding the account executive while the prospect is on the call, ready to speak with an AE. The lead is sent to an account executive who is the best fit, provided they are available and have agreed to take the call. 

Ideally, the entire process should not take more than 60 seconds for best customer experience.

Nothing kills a deal more than time. Strike when iron is hot. If the prospect is ready to engage and buy, why wait and tangle into the corporate inefficiencies. On the Spot helps hand over the prospect in real time, and the deal can be closed much faster.

Yes, LeadAngel On the Spot transfer router can be configured to route leads only to people who are available.

Yes, the Round Robin and Weighted Round Robin queue can be shuffled for On the Spot lead assignment.

LeadAngel provides a 3 way random splitter controlled by assigned % to each way.

Sales persons can be notified by Slack, Text, Email or In-App in CRM during On the Spot assignment.

Lead broadcast is a way to send leads to a FCFS (first come, first serve) queue when anyone in the queue can claim the lead.

Yes,  can you create up to three On the Spot routers per object (such as Lead, Contact etc) depending on your routing needs.

Yes, you can configure On the Spot assignment so that sales people need to accept or reject leads before being able to access the record. You can also configure a named set or managers to be able to accept or reject leads.

Lead is routed to the Sales Team or Router manager, and SDR on call with prospect  is notified of the same.

BDR/SDR is shown a live progress window as the On the Spot transfer is in progress.