Lead routing is the process of distributing incoming leads among sales representatives. Although you can make the process as easy as creating an alphabetical list of your sales team and assigning them leads to whoever is next on the list, this process is more efficient when automated. But you may need more complex systems depending on particular assignment rules based on industry, potential deal size, territory, and other factors.

How lead routing works in Salesforce
A sales rep needs to reach out immediately a lead comes into your Salesforce instance. Since a sales rep requires to get to the lead as soon as possible, you have to find a way of directing the lead to the right salesperson. This is where you apply the Salesforce lead assignment rules to help you match a lead with the right sales rep.

The size of your firm determines the number of lines of the assignment rules. While you may have only a few lines, some organizations have well over 200. But your business is growing, and the lines can get quite a number and become difficult to manage. It shouldn’t worry you because our professionals at LeadAngel can take care of automated lead routing for you.

How to automate lead routing in Salesforce
The process of assigning an incoming lead to a sales rep can get more complicated than you think, especially if many leads are streaming in at the same time. You need to avoid a situation where no one reaches out to the lead, or several sales reps get back to the prospective client at the same time. Such a situation could be quite detrimental to your sales funnel.

The following tips can help you automate lead routing to avoid dropping important leads.

To prevent several sales reps from crowding a lead or not attending to none, you have to automate lead routing, so the lead lands in the right hands. Harvard Business Review notes that companies that reached out to a lead within an hour were more likely to qualify than lead than their slower counterpart. If you can get to your lead sooner, you stand a better chance of converting the lead to a sale.

Lead routing by territory
One way to assign leads to the right person is by classifying leads according to the region and assigning a specific sales rep to a particular region. You can design contact forms that require prospective clients to state their country of origin, state, or zip codes. When a lead comes in, it automatically routes to the individual assigned to its geographical setting.

Account-based lead routing
You could assign each sales rep a certain set of accounts, such as including email domains. But some prospective clients may have personal email addresses, including @gmail and any other iteration. In such a case, you may consider adding more information, such as a location or company name, to enhance account-based lead routing.

Inbound lead routing in Salesforce
Your sales assignment rules (SARs) can pick out leads from Contact Us form, push lists, or Download White Papers by setting up 2-way sync between Salesforce and marketing automation. All inbound leads channel through the SARs until they meet a condition that will direct them to the right sales rep. To achieve this feat, you have to set up SARs in such a way that they capture every possible scenario.

At LeadAngel, we understand that your business needs to increase its sales through the best lead routing mechanisms. We can help boost your market reach with our automated lead routing software to route your leads to the right prospect. Our easy-to-maintain software route leads to the right person and helps create territories the way you want while providing comprehensive reports. Contact us today, if you need help with automated lead routing.

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