While potential customers are everywhere and can stumble across your business at any moment, converting them to buyers isn’t a small task.

However, with a proper lead management system, you can effectively influence the lead to buy your products and services.

Investing in a lead management process with comprehensive automated lead assignment can speed up sales, maximizing returns.

Lead Management 

Lead management is the process of capturing potential customers, tracking their activities, educating them, engaging with them, and influencing them to buy products or services once deemed qualified.

Effective lead management process converts more leads to customers, leading to more sales. Here are steps for an effective lead management process:

1. Generate Leads

You can capture leads in two ways: inbound and outbound marketing. Inbound marketing focuses on creating high-value content that attracts potential buyers to you and includes web content and social media posts.

Outbound marketing involves directly reaching out to leads through digital distributions like advertisements, email marketing, and event sponsorship.  

2.  Determine Your Buyer Persona

With leads coming, you begin figuring out who your ideal buyer persona is by checking their demographic, behaviour, and lead source, which help you serve them better.

3. Qualify Leads

Here, you identify the leads who are most likely to buy a product (by gathering as much information as you can about them) and send them to the sales team. The remaining leads go through nurturing stage.

4. Nurture Leads 

For the leads not quite ready to pass off to sales, you send them to the nurturing stage, where you educate them and demonstrate why your product or service is good enough for them.         

5. Distribute Leads to The Sales Team

Once the leads prove sales-ready, they pass off to sales, and the leads assignment begins.

6. Truck and Measure Leads

The entire sales cycle needs continuous tracking and measuring, focusing on performance and marketing and sales ROI.

Lead Assignment

A lead assignment is the assigning of incoming potential customers (leads) to different sales reps. A reliable lead assignment matches the prospects to the sales representative who has the best chance to convert them into customers. The idea is to match the leads’ different needs, desires, and goals with your salespeople’s strengths, abilities, and experience, maximizing sales conversion.

Aim to automate the process of analyzing, qualifying, and assigning leads to your sales team, using tools such as Round Robin, and speeding up the response time hence increasing sales. 

Deciding on which leads to send to a sales guy depends on factors such as:

  • Experience: The more experienced the salesperson, the easier they can handle complicated or big deals. The less-experienced sales team may take less demanding calls they can easily handle.
Automated lead assignment helps your business:
  • Increase Sales by Speeding Up Response Time. The system notifies the agent about a new lead fast, and he reaches out immediately. The quick response increases the chances of sales.
  • Provide Transparency since the lead’s journey is recorded, making it easier to analyze and attribute.
  • Minimizes Confusion and Time Wasted deciding which agent takes the customer since every sales agent knows which leads are coming and what to focus on.
  • Have a more efficient sales process since it minimizes errors and saves time.

Assign Leads with Round Robin 

Round Robin is a call tracking software feature that can:

  • Evenly distribute the number of calls to each sales team member
  • Route the calls based on the best agent to receive the call or
  • Have certain members receive more calls than other

Robin benefits your company by sending calls to your best agents, optimizing phone management, and providing more in-depth data from the call. Want to try it? Contact us and  request a demo.

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