More than ever, employees are moving jobs. While this is good for the community overall, it creates Lead Management issues for any medium to large B2B enterprises. As soon as sales rep leaves the organization, it becomes the business and sales operations responsibilities to ensure that short term and long term deals the sales person is working with is not lost.

Sometimes, it is extremely easy to manage when a sales rep leaves an organization. Leads with inactive lead owners are assigned to the replacement owner. Other times, it may get very challenging to reassign leads since they needs to pushed per new lead routing rules. A few times, it takes days or weeks to run the leads with inactive owners thru the re-assignment rules. This blogs outlines some of the common re-assignment use cases for leads currently being owned by inactive owners

Re-assign leads to a named sales person

It is the simplest use case. Identify a new sales rep, and transfer leads from old sales rep to the new one. Some CRM allows the transfer of leads to new sales person at the time of inactivating or deleting the old rep, while some CRM dont enforce this. In case you use Salesforce CRM, you will need to manually run a bulk reassignment or use 3rd party tools to help with re-routing.

Ra-assign using Active assignment rule

This assignment gets bit tricky to push existing leads via existing assignment rule. Usually this is the best option for larger sales team so that one person in put across a bunch of high value leads. Some CRM may offer a way to run leads thru existing assignment rule, however most of the CRM needs a 3rd party software to automate this, or manual work by Sales Operations.

Re-assign based on old-vs-new sales rep mapping

This scenario is an extrapolation of assignment to named sales person. When multiple sales people leave the organization (or there may be lingering assignment rule still routing to old sales person), its easier to create mapping between old and new sales person.

Assignment Scheduling

Schedule the re-assignment jobs at a regular cadence so that all the leads with inactive owners are re-assigned either daily, weekly or monthly. I would recommend to re-assign every day so that leads do not get cold.

3rd party tools like LeadAngel helps with re-assignment and scheduling. LeadAngel makes it very easy and intuitive to configure re-assignment router with-in 5 min or less.

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