Effective lead management processes are crucial to increasing the top line of your business. Identifying ways to boost the efficiency of lead management within your company is key to spending more time nurturing these leads and less time entering, sorting, and grouping them. The use of smart technology to replace manual data entry is a huge step in improving the way team manages leads. This your guide to why manual data entry harms your business and how smart technology can reduce the need for manual data entry.

How Can Manual Data Entry Harm Your Business?

With advancements in technology, the use of manual data entry processes can hold your business back and prevent scale and growth. Let’s dive deeper into the ways that manual data entry can have a negative impact on your company.

  • Prone to errors – Humans are only humans and will from time-to-time make mistakes. There will be errors in manual data entry. Mistakes can be typos, out of boredom, rushing, or an inability to focus due to stress. As unintentional as these mistakes may be, they can still have catastrophic consequences.
  • Decreased productivity – Even the fastest and most detailed typist cannot complete data entry processes as fast as smart technology is able to. Manual data entry decreases efficiency and overall productivity.
  • Compromised integrity – A higher instance of errors means that the integrity of the data can be compromised. This gives you an unrealistic view of your business which can lead to poor business decisions based on poor data.
  • Cost-Intensive – Manual data entry is a slower process that requires dedicated staff. This is a drain on financial resources. Smart technology can complete processes without the need for your staff to be present. For instance, certain processes can run through the night, saving your team time during work hours.

Reduce the Demand for Manual Data Entry with Smart Technology

The use of automation and smart technology can help streamline workflow processes, including lead management, and enable your business to scale, grow, and increase profitability. Let’s take a look at the ways that automation can help your business.

Higher Quality Data

Data is meaningless to your business if it isn’t accurate and doesn’t give you a realistic view of your company. The use of smart technology virtually eliminates room for error. Valuable data means that better decisions can be made for the company.

Increased Productivity

Smart technology can complete tasks much quicker than humans are able to. This means that overall productivity and efficiency increases. Instead of spending time manually entering new lead or account information, your team can spend that valuable time nurturing leads and building client relationships.

More Cost-Effective

The use of automation reduces the need for dedicated labor to complete manual data entry tasks. You also do not have to worry about labor costs needed to correct mistakes made, which will inevitably happen due to inherent human error.

Increased Efficiency

Automation is able to consolidate data entry processes into a fewer number of steps, which decreases the complexity, and increases efficiency. Custom parameters can be set to automatically sort data, for instance, leads into appropriate categories and red flag duplicates.

Greater Visibility and Control

Successfully running your business and making decisions depends on how transparent your business processes are. Smart technology allows you to know exactly how processes are being executed and make fine-tune adjustments to business operations as needed.

Improved Metrics

The use of smart technology gives you more accurate data that you can more easily measure a variety of metrics and key performance indicators that you can use to better manage your workflow processes.

One-of-a-Kind Solutions for Your Business

Every business is different and needs solutions that can be customized to fit those goals and needs. LeadAngel’s Fuzzy Matching Algorithm Service offers enterprise-level flexibility that allows users to customize their own back-end processes. It’s designed to match thousands of records per second and will help your company take its lead management processes to the next level. See for yourself what Fuzzy Matching can do for you.

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