From a detailed walkthrough of the entire platform to everything you can find on the latest version of LeadAngel, our videos section has a lot that you can benefit from.

Get 2x meetings with Lead Attendant

Presenting sales person’s calendar to prospects as soon as they submit the contact-us request has shown to double to meeting rates, while saving sales people time. LeadAngel ‘s LeadAttendant captures, routes and books meeting for you, in real time.

How Lead to Account Matching is the Best for your Sales

Efficient Lead to Account matching can help you close more deals and help increase your customer’s satisfaction. LeadAngel helps define Lead to Account matching rules that is best fit for your sales and marketing organization. Use boosting, tie breaker, rules configuration and customization to get most of your Lead to Account matching. 

LeadAngel real time data dedupe helps close more deals

LeadAngel’s real time data clean-up helps the database clean, and also provides the sales people with most clean and relevant information to help close more deals. Save your sales team and prospects frustrations arising from duplicate and unhygienic data.

Close More Deals with LeadAngel​

Quick one minute explainer on how LeadAngel can help you close more deals by better managing your existing pipeline. 

LeadAngel Values

Watch the video and understand the core values of LeadAngel in brief. 

LeadAngel Product and Demo​

A step by step demo to setup a functional lead router. Explore key features and fundamental elements required to setup a Lead Routing program.

Data Dedupe Makes Your Organization Efficient​

A quick product demo on how LeadAngel dedupes your CRM. It saves time & money and increases sales productivity

LeadAngel lead router in action​

A quick demo on how LeadAngel routes lead in real time, to help close more deals

Route Leads in Realtime- Close More Deals​

 A quick product demo showing how LeadAngel routes lead in real time.  

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