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Businesses can no longer afford to manually route leads or task a single person or team with pre-qualifying leads. Use a lead routing software to automate your lead routing process with LeadAngel.

Crush your KPI’s and fix your leaky sales funnel with LeadAngel’s 150+ smart Lead to Account Matching and Routing rules, powered by advanced lead routing software. The flexibility of LeadAngel allows you to implement rules tailored to your company’s needs. Establish criteria for fairly distributing incoming leads to the appropriate representative, optimizing your sales process, and closing more deals effectively.

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Instant Lead Routing and Meeting Scheduling – Build intelligent routing rules that automatically assign leads and meetings to the correct sales development reps and account executives based on a combination of integrated CRM fields, including territory, company size, account ownership, and more.

Automated, Set-and-Forget System – Routing bottlenecks are a thing of the past with LeadAngel. Our powerful lead distribution system, equipped with over 150 intelligent matching rules, boasts an impressive 99.7% accuracy rate, guaranteeing the right fit for every lead.

How It Works?

A change in your CRM initiates a trigger event..

Leads are routed and assigned based on your rules.

Reps are alerted via Slack and email so they can follow up.

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Brendan L.
Sales Operations Leader

In this video review, Brenden L. sheds light on the power of creative thinking, working together with the team, and a strong commitment to always getting better. He explains how he saved over 250K every year at Touch Bistro through effective lead routing and received exceptional support.

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Matt Amadea
Revenue Operations Manager

Embark on the remarkable journey of Matt, who played a crucial role in elevating his company’s sales pipeline by 50% and boosting engagement by 35%. Discover how he harnessed the power of LeadAngel’s automated lead management to reduce response times and streamline lead management for enhanced efficiency.

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Nicole Perry
Salesforce Administrator

Witness Nicole’s smooth transition to LeadAngel, discovering a user-friendly, drag-and-drop lead routing tool that transformed her workflow. Not only did she find it incredibly intuitive, but LeadAngel proved to be a much more affordable solution coupled with exceptional customer support for her business needs.

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Craig Handy
Sales Operations Leader

Craig wholeheartedly recommends LeadAngel Solutions to businesses seeking a simple yet powerful tool to supercharge their lead management process. With its user-friendly interface and impressive results, the platform has earned Craig’s trust as an indispensable asset in his company’s journey to success.

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