Double your sales meetings and reduce monthly cost per sales rep

LeadAngel’s inbuilt calendar for business allows users to easily schedule and manage appointments and meetings with customers and clients. Enable timely engagement with leads and secure OPEX savings for up to $20 per rep every month.

LeadAngel’s calendar integration not only captures the lead on your website; it also matches to an account, dedupes the data, and routes to the right salesperson!

Seize your lead appointments with our featured-packed function

Calendar Scheduling allows you to book appointments for inbound leads, or SDR appointments for Account Executives, with features that you would normally pay for on a per-user basis.

Calendar Syncing

Our Calendar for business syncs with the popular calendars such as Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365

Online Booking

Your customers can schedule meetings directly through the tool, without having to go through a series of phone calls or emails.

Email Reminders

The tool sends customized email reminders to customers to confirm appointments and remind them of upcoming appointments.

Multiple calendar support

Combine multiple calendars (such as SDR and Solutions Engineer) so that prospect can schedule when both are available

Time zone support

Our Calendar for business can smartly handle appointments across different time zones, making it easier for prospects to schedule appointments


Based on the rules selected by your organization, the LeadAngel router can automatically route prospects to sales person best suited to talk to prospect

Lead-to-account matching

LeadAngel calendar router automatically matches the lead against existing accounts in your CRM for accurate routing and scheduling. 

Appointment Rescheduling

Optional configuration for Prospects and Customers to easily reschedule appointments using the Cancel/Reschedule links in meeting invite


Our Calendar for business can also easily integrate with your CRM and email on-demand.

How do customers or prospects schedule meetings?

The prospect visits your business's website or a dedicated landing page and clicks on a call-to-action button.
The customer then fills out the required information, such as name, organization name, email address and contact details. Upon submission, the prospect is routed to sales person per your routing rules.
The prospect is then directed to a booking page where they can select the date, time, and duration as per their convenience, and with a time slot that works for your sales representative as well.
The prospect then confirms the booking, and the appointment is added to the business's calendar
The prospect receives an email confirmation of the booking, including all the details of the appointment. Optionally, they can also reschedule the meeting if needed.

Ready to elevate your business with smart calendar scheduling? 

This is a game-changer for efficiency and growth! If you’re on the cusp of a decision, here’s why choosing calendar scheduling through LeadAngel is a strategic move.

Why should your business invest in Calendar Scheduling?

Become more efficient

Automate the scheduling process and make it easy for customers to schedule appointments and meetings to save time. Your prospects and your business will thank you!

Boost customer experience

Customers will be more satisfied after easily scheduling appointments and receiving automatic reminders. Get ready for fewer missed appointments!

Improve time management

Let your team easily manage their schedules and appointments. They will increase productivity and reduce wasted time.

Increase your revenue

Simplify your customer’s life and watch your revenue soar! Fill more slots and minimize those frustrating no-shows to boost your bottom line.

Improve end-to-end communication

Provide automatic reminders and confirmation emails that can help to reduce missed appointments and improve customer satisfaction.

Power up your data collection and analysis

Make more informed decisions about scheduling and business operations with accurate appointment data —number of appointments scheduled, cancellations, and total revenue!

Unleash your team’s mobility

We are online and you’re no slouch! Access our calendar for business from anywhere in the world for increased flexibility and mobility.

No integration roadblocks

Our calendar for business can easily integrate with other tools such as your CRM and email, which can also help you streamline operations and improve the customer experience.

Save on OPEX money

Save up to $20 per head with LeadAngel. By avoiding the cost of purchasing an expensive calendar tool, you can lower costs while maintaining efficiency levels in your team.

How to add the LeadAngel native calendar to your landing pages


If you don’t see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.
An online calendar scheduling tool is a software that allows businesses to easily schedule and manage appointments and meetings with customers, clients, and other stakeholders. LeadAngel’s native calendar for business includes features such as calendar syncing, online booking, email reminders, and customizable booking forms.
LeadAngel’s calendar scheduling tool works by allowing customers to schedule appointments or meetings directly through the tool, without having to go through a series of phone calls or emails. The tool syncs with your business's calendar, allowing your customers to see your sales team’s schedule in one place and easily schedule new appointments. Customers can also receive email reminders to confirm appointments and remind them of upcoming appointments.

LeadAngel natively integrates with Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 calendars.

Yes, secret events are not published on the users event page, and can be shared via Email etc

Joint or Collaborative calendars are used to ensure all the required people are available during the meeting. Example, you can create a joint calendar event between a sales representative and sales engineer and share it with prospects. Prospects will see open meeting windows only when both the sales engineer and sales representatives are available.

Yes, LeadAngel’s calendar for business can handle multiple calendars, allowing your business to manage appointments for multiple sales team members.

LeadAngel’s calendar for business is included with Enterprise Subscription. In fact, we help you lower expenses by $20 a head, so that you can focus on maximizing income.

Yes, you can customize the forms used for booking, so they can collect the information they need from customers.

Yes, event templates are an easy way to standardize the events across the organization, and get a head shart to new employees. You can also create new event templates and push to all the existing calendar users.

LeadAngel calendar integration feeds into LeadAngel router for accessing sales rep’s free/busy schedule, all as well as sharing events with prospects to book events with the assigned sales rep.

Our tool is intuitive, user-friendly and easy to use. There may be a learning curve associated with using specific features, however, we believe that most sales teams are already comfortable with the process of scheduling calls and working with calendars.