Key Features

Liberate your sales operations team by matching leads to each other, and to existing company accounts, automatically and instantly.

smart matching

Smart Matching​

Typos. Alternate Names. Subsidiaries. If a lead is coming from an existing account, LeadAngel will figure it out.

grouped leads

Grouped Leads

Automatically group all open leads from the same company for more efficient salesperson outreach.

merge duplicates

Merge Duplicates

Combine duplicate leads, even if spelling varies.

Smart Matching

Here are some examples of what makes LeadAngel the best lead to account matching software:

grouped leads

Grouped Leads

Open leads from the same company are grouped together and matched with information from a customer account, if one exists. Leads can also be grouped by industry, geography, or dozens of other attributes. Grouped leads are then routed to the most appropriate sales person.

List-Based Filters

Filter and prioritize your leads and accounts by matching them to lists.

list based filters
auto complete leads

Auto-Complete Leads​

Our smart technology can infer and complete missing geographic details such as states, countries, and zip codes.

API Access

Your developers can access the LeadAngel engine with our modern, clean API interface.

api access

100% Secure

LeadAngel is a cloud service that is built on a SOC-2 compliant infrastructure with 2FA authentication. Your leads are 100% secure in the LeadAngel system.

Here’s What Makes LeadAngel’s Lead Matching So Powerful

LeadAngel began as a company name matching algorithm and has become the most powerful lead matching and lead routing solution available today. Its ability to match company names has become the foundation of a platform that enables companies to better understand and manage their pipeline to drive sales, optimize their sales team, and predict revenue.

The core of LeadAngel’s technology is fuzzy name matching AI that allows you to control how leads are matched to company names already in your CRM. Name matching software requires the ability to fill in missing details, auto-complete information from one field to another, understand acronyms, and interpret common abbreviations and data-entry mistakes. The power and control over this technology is what makes LeadAngel the most powerful name matching software available today.

Here are a few ways in which LeadAngel builds on this powerful core technology to be the best lead to account matching software solution available today:

  • Lead Grouping. Once leads are matched to accounts, they can be grouped for faster and more effective outreach
  • List Filters: Target your sales outreach based on lists you create from your CRM or ones you upload
  • Auto-Completion: Leads often arrive with empty fields that can limit autoresponders and automated workflows. LeadAngel can figure out the missing information to increase your sales outreach efficiency

What makes LeadAngel the best lead to accounting matching software for Salesforce and other leading CRM solutions is a relentless focus on making the core matching engine as powerful and flexible as possible. Contact us today to learn more.