Never let another lead languish with the wrong salesperson

Send all leads from the same company to the same person or team. Divide your leads by dozens of parameters and divide them up with a round robin lead assignment strategy. 

Turn more leads into customers, enhance operational efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction. Enable your business to make informed decisions and refine your lead distribution and management strategies for better results!

Why choose LeadAngel for your lead routing needs?

Route leads, contacts and accounts to the best salespeople in your team for faster responses and stronger business outcomes with LeadAngel:

Route Any Object

Route leads, contacts, opportunities, and accounts based on flexible and powerful rules. Auto-convert objects as necessary. Assign Leads in batch or in real time. 

On-the-spot lead assignment

Assign leads on-the-fly to specific team members based on their availability, skill or area of expertise. Transfer a lead “live on call” from and SDR to Account Executive.

Flexible Distribution

Distribute segmented leads via round-robin, lead assignment individually, weighted, or queue algorithms. Dynamically change the weightage based on sales person’s performance. 

Account-Based Assignment

Route all leads and contacts to the account owner, or any lookup field based on account, or related parent account. Even use a lookup table if needed. 

Easy Maintenance

Maintain your system with our intuitive and centralized rules. Drag and drop process builder, with visual lead flow report for easy troubleshooting. 

100% Secure

LeadAngel is built on a SOC-2 compliant infrastructure with 2FA authentication. Your leads are 100% secure in the LeadAngel system.

Real-time inbound lead routing

Ensure your sales process is always-on, and always aware so that your representative is always the first to respond.

What kind of lead routing solutions does LeadAngel offer?

LeadAngel’s proprietary lead routing algorithms allow us to serve for B2B and B2C demands for customers across industries.

What about integration?

LeadAngel integrates seamlessly into most CRMs such as Salesforce and Zoho, and for just one day for time-to-revenue! Microsoft 365 integration is also available should your business need it.

Ready to increase conversion rates and revenue?

Accelerate your decision-making process with our advanced lead routing capabilities. No more delays – just seamless, instant allocation of leads to the right team members.

Improve your sales productivity

Boost your sales team with higher conversion rates and increased revenue. Let LeadAngel do the work for your business! Online and batch Lead Distribution and Lead Assignment combined with data dedupe and calendar scheduling can save time while increasing revenue.

Drive your customer satisfaction

Assign leads to the product owner on the account and meets their needs as quickly as possible.  on delivering excellence to your customers automatically sending leads to the correct lead owner. It prevents manual lead routing, and increase customer satisfaction  via the best representatives for your business and meeting their needs as quickly as possible. 

Enhance your lead management

Keep track of leads and their progress through the sales process easily. Automate lead management System and make data-driven decisions! Dynamically reward higher performing sales person with more leads. 

Reduce response times

Respond faster after routing leads to the right people in your team, and improve conversions up to 46% by reaching out in the first 30 minutes. LeadAngel can help route leads only to sales people who are not on vacation, not blocked in calendar due to a meeting. Optionally, get an affirmative “Yes” from sales person before assigning leads to them. 

Keep human errors at the lowest

Pull away time-consuming tasks from your sales teams and give them the chance to focus on selling your products and solutions to potential customers. LeadAngel can automate many Lead Routing and Lead distribution related tasks such as assignment, data cleansing , SLA follow-up etc. 

Wondering what kind of lead routing solution works for your business?


Enterprise lead routing is the process of aggregating, managing and then distributing leads within a large organization or enterprise. Tools such as LeadAngel help automate the process of determining where the lead should go, who should attend to it, and what kind of a lead it is amongst other questions.

Based on factors that you set for your enterprise on LeadAngel, such as the lead's location, size, kind of product or service that they are interested in, their industry, the inquiry email domain, account status and even the use of competitor products; you can frame rules for how leads are managed. With enterprise lead routing the goal has always been to ensure that leads are handled more efficiently and effectively than in the past, and that they are directed to the right person or team within the organization to maximize the chances of converting them into customers.

LeadAngel allows you to distribute leads within your organization via the round-robin algorithm which assigns leads to representatives in a rotating sequence, individual lead assignment, weighted lead assignment or queue algorithms. We believe that a combination of these algorithms can help you boost your revenue by harnessing the true potential of your sales team.
Setting up lead routing for your business with LeadAngel is easy. All you need to do is book a demo, and someone from our team will take you through the entire platform while answering any specific questions you may have. Not ready to do the demo call yet? You can also consider explore LeaAndgel Lite, which allows you to explore the platform at your leisure.

Best lead routing strategy is to send leads to the sales person who has the best chance to convert the lead, at the right time. Also, the prospect should feel attended, and have a frictionless way to interact with the assigned sales person. 


A fair and balanced distribution among sales reps, or direct assignment to account owner, customer success manager, or territory owner are most common ways to assign leads. Also provide a mechanism to monitor the service level agreement (SLA) for sales tep.

Leads can be shared with Channel Partners using LeadAngel’s partner routing module. Leads are sent to channel partners via direct integration to CRM, or via an email. Partners can accept or reject the lead, and update the progress in LeadAngel’s dedicated partner portal.

Yes, in an “activity based assignment” strategy, you can assign lead to the sales person who has reached out to the lead or account in the past few days. You can customize how far back in time you would like to go for activity attribution. Usually recommended to limit to 30 days.

Lookup is used to matrix between two or more attributes. Example, Product “A” in Territory “T1” is owned by sales rep “S1”, while in territory “T2” it's owned by sales rep “S2”. Once the mapping is created, it can be used as a lookup to route leads/accounts in LeadAngel.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) with lead claw back, or manager notification is a good strategy to ensure sales reps follow the lead in a timely manner.

LeadAngel sales team has an ability to move sales people up/down in the assignment queue, as well as manage their quota and availability. 

B2C (business-to-consumer) lead routing is the process of handing out leads generated from consumer interactions with your business to the right sales reps or teams for follow-up and conversion. These leads can be generated via online forms, website chats, phone calls, or in-person interactions as well. Once entered in LeadAngel’s lead routing solution, depending on the kind of algorithm and framework selected the leads will be assigned to the respective sales reps.

Sticky assignment is an advanced account based sales, where the leads coming in from a company are sent to a dedicated sales person. The accounts may be target accounts or green fields, in the CRM or not.

Capping and Leveling are two ways to ensure fair lead distribution to the Round Robin Sales team. In Capping, you can define strategies such as “No salesperson should have more than 10 open leads”. While in leveling, you can define strategies such as “People with the lost open leads will get leads until they are at par with other sales people”.

Alternatively, you can create a weighted round robin team where the best performer gets more leads than other people.

Routing leads to the correct account owner, or just identifying the “would be” account owner can help send our personalized communication to lead using the future account owner. This provides a sense of continuity to the prospect.