Sunnyvale, Calif. – LeadAngel announces feature for the users to de-dupe between lead to lead, contact to contact and lead to contact.

Data de-dupe or leads dedupe happens while routing leads and contacts, making is seamless and real-time so that sales people are most productive doing sales. There is no need for sales to spend time cleaning duplicate records, or re-routing a lead.

Duplicate and unstructured data is often the biggest obstacle to automation. LeadAngel’s smart data de-dupe engine eliminates duplicates while importing and lead routing procedure. Apart for eliminating duplicates, the sales can also be notified via task or emails when a new lead assigned to them is flagged as duplicate. This helps sales make better decision about the lead and account they are selling into. Cleaning up the database to remove duplicates brings multiple advantages to the organization. Apart for increase sales productivity and operational efficiency, keeping a tidy database helps with reporting as well as saves subscription cost since many vendors charge by the record counts.

About LeadAngel: LeadAngel is a Sunnyvale, a CA-based company offering services in Lead Routing, Marketing Segmentation, and Lead to account matching. We use a set of complex rules, dictionary and machine learning to deliver business results. Our products are integrated with major marketing automation systems and CRM, as well as designed to work standalone using web services for custom use cases. We offer free demos of our premium product as well as 15 day free trials. Please reach out to with any questions.

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