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Experience industry-leading data-cleanup with LeadAngel

A big problem for sales teams that we have worked with or spoken to has been getting data to match up every time. Customer satisfaction is a key part of the sales process and customers who are used to receiving frequent calls from multiple reps in the same organization can often feel frustrated. If that sales rep doesn’t know enough about their business or challenges, then the call can also be less efficient for your organization. This also leads to an increase in costs, as valuable time and resources are spent reaching out to prospects. 

A coherent database and  mechanism can change the game for you here. At LeadAngel, we’ve cracked the code to cleaning up data, and we want you to benefit from it.

Fix a broken lead funnel with just one call.
Why choose LeadAngel for data cleanup?


Automatically merge duplicate leads and accounts with the most efficient AI solution in the business.

powerful segmentation


Auto-convert leads to contacts, accounts, and opportunities.



Automatically copy relevant account data to leads and trigger pre-planned workflows so you’re your sales reps are set to do their job.

What can you do for your database with LeadAngel?

Your sales team can perform better if they’re equipped to do so with the best tools in the business. With LeadAngel, their efforts towards building a database, optimizing it and maintaining it for future use can be enhanced by at least 20% in terms of time savings. But there’s much more to LeadAngel


Data deduplication, or simply dedupe, is a function that allows LeadAngel to merge duplicate leads and accounts directly using a pre-defined set of rules. Data dedupe can reduce sales process inefficiency by a whopping 22%.

segment leads
lead distribution


Leads can easily be converted into contacts, opportunities and accounts with LeadAngel, without the need to manually sort out or enter any information into your CRM.


Relevant account data is automatically copied to new leads to trigger intelligent workflows and empower your sales team. Assume you have a new lead from the same company. You know the type and area of business, the challenges and what works for them. 

Armed with this information, your sales rep is better prepared to close a deal. This harmonization is what sets LeadAngel apart and provides your sales reps with the opportunity to meet their targets consistently. This also works incredibly well with Salesforce automated workflows.

segment leads
Lead Matching Software

Cleanup at onboarding

 At the time of LeadAngel account setup for your organization, you can eliminate duplicate leads easily.

Secure access

 SOC-2 compliant infrastructure with 2FA authentication ensures that only authorized personnel can access LeadAngel. With us, your leads are 100% safe.

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Why dedupe your sales data?

Improved data quality
By removing duplicate records, the data in your CRM becomes more accurate and reliable, which can lead to better decision making and improved sales performance.
Increased efficiency
When duplicate records exist in your CRM, sales representatives may end up contacting the same lead multiple times, which can lead to wasted time and resources. Data deduplication can help to eliminate these inefficiencies and improve the overall efficiency of the sales process.
Better targeting and nurturing of leads
By removing duplicate records, it can help to ensure that leads are properly tracked and managed throughout the sales process, which can lead to better targeting and nurturing of leads.
Better customer experience
It can help to ensure that customers are only contacted once by the sales team, which can lead to a better customer experience and stronger relationships with customers.
Cost savings
By reducing the number of duplicate records in the CRM system, data deduplication can also help to reduce the costs associated with storing and managing data.
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What kind of accuracy can we expect with the dedupe function?

LeadAngel’s dedupe function reduces database errors by over 78%, allowing your sales team to focus on their job – enhancing organizational revenue. The lead management process keeps enhancing itself through constant optimization and using our state-of-the-art fuzzy matching algorithm, we are able to deliver greater value to your sales teams over time.