Key Features

Focus the efforts of your sales team by giving them the cleanest, most actionable, and most relevant data—automatically.



Automatically merge duplicate leads and accounts.

auto convert


Auto-convert leads to contacts, accounts, and opportunities.



Automatically copy relevant account data to leads to trigger workflows and empower sales reps.


Merge Duplicates

Never again have multiple sales people reach out to duplicate leads. LeadAngel identifies and merges duplicate leads. Define the rules you’d like the system to use, as well as manual review for edge cases.

Auto-Convert Leads​

Optimize account-based sales workflows by converting inbound leads into contacts that are connected to existing accounts.

auto convert leads

Harmonize Account Data with Leads

Give your sales reps maximum insight by auto-completing new leads with data from matched accounts. These auto-completed leads also provide Salesforce the information it needs to run automated workflows.

Onboarding Cleanup

Clean up your database by eliminating duplicate leads and accounts during LeadAngel account setup.

Lead Matching Software

100% Secure

LeadAngel is a cloud service that is built on a SOC-2 compliant infrastructure with 2FA authentication. Your leads are 100% secure in the LeadAngel system.

Use LeadAngel To Clean Up Your Database—And Keep It Clean 

In addition to LeadAngel’s lead matching and advanced lead routing handles your new incoming leads. But did you know that you can also use it to keep your database organized in a way that’s optimized for your systems and automations?

Most customers opt for data cleanup during onboarding. LeadAngel can identify duplicate accounts, leads, and other objects that already exist in your system. Using fuzzy name matching, company name matching algorithms, and our industry-leading name matching software, 

Some automated lead routing and lead distribution systems depend on the existence of certain objects—for example, a contact needs to be associated with a lead in the database in order for a workflow to have the information it needs. No problem: It’s easy to set up LeadAngel to auto-convert leads into opportunities, contacts, accounts, and custom objects in Salesforce or other CRMs to make sure your workflows have the information they need.

Another powerful tool that LeadAngel offers is the ability to auto-complete information from existing accounts into new leads. This not only gives salespeople the information they need for calls and email outreach, but enables automated workflows to access information easily without needing to refer to associated objects.

Keep your lead funnel clean, organized, and driving business results! Contact us today to learn more.