The importance of marketing automation platforms for organizational development, growth, and success of both big and small businesses is truly immense. Regardless of the industry or size of the business, proper marketing strategy is vital for revenue growth and survival in the competitive market today — trends in the marketing world change parallel to the latest breakthroughs in technology. Seemingly tedious tasks are simplified with the use of automation tools in marketing, and that’s exactly the main purpose of this systems in the marketing world.

What is Marketing Automation System?

Marketing automation allow users to automate their marketing opportunities and sales engagement in order to generate more leads, close more deals, and accurate measure progress and success of their marketing campaigns. These programs and platforms are a subset of customer relationship management (CRM), and their primary focus is definition, segmentation, scheduling, and keeping track of campaigns.


 Automation systems are important for all kinds of marketing, particularly for B2B marketing. A common trait of B2B marketing software is to streamline, automate, and analyze all workflows relevant to marketing to boost customer engagement and sales.

Importance of Automation System in Sales and Marketing

Many businesses still wonder why they need marketing CRM tools, but they are absolutely necessary because these systems are changing the marketing game. How?

The market has never been more competitive than it is today. Many companies fail to beat their rivals, and the revenue suffers. Both market and marketing have become hectic, which is why team management and time management is crucial.


It all comes down to who communicates with their customers, who reach more leads and converts them to customers faster than their counterparts, among other things. Slow and steady does not always win the race. Fast-paced marketing world today comes with higher standards and bigger demands.

Marketing Automation Case Study

Doing everything manually is not enough anymore. Manually going through leads and having a person or two carry out these tasks can be quite time-consuming, and it shifts the focus from other, more important processes. For instance, one case study found that the use of marketing automation platforms boosted lead volume by 200%. That’s outstanding! Other studies also showed that the use of marketing automation tools increased lead generation by 75%, increased the number of network subscribers by 45%, and increased revenue directly.

Marketing CRM software enables marketers to update their strategies for greater success. Instead of dealing with leads with a low chance of converting, these systems allow users to focus on the best prospects i.e., leads that are highly likely they can convert to customers. In turn, these programs save time and patience while boosting the success of the marketing strategy. Increased revenue and business growth are natural results of this action in the long run.

Role of Automation Tools in Marketing

Thanks to marketing automation, marketers have an amazing opportunity to reach customers and engage them through tailored content. Instead of sending content customers don’t find interesting, these platforms allow users to send material that a specific individual will truly want to read and thereby engage with some business. Increased sales ensue. The reason is quite simple – people don’t want some generic content in their inbox. They want to receive something value. At the same time, the tailored content demonstrates care for customers and shows they are valued and cherished.

Another purpose of sending tailored content is the collection of valuable data important for the upcoming marketing operations and conversion of other leads to customers. This is a great way to analyze the target audience, identify their likes and dislikes, and use the gathered information to customize future approaches.

Marketing automation systems build a database for leads in a company’s CRM system. The software updates lead information over time.

Impact on Marketing World

Before these platforms stepped on the scene, all the above-mentioned processes were done manually. It would take hours and strong attention to details to analyze every single aspect of a marketing strategy. The content was usually the same for all contacts. All this has led to mixed results and slow progress.

Basically, marketing automation changes the marketing world by accelerating processes that used to be time-consuming. These tools allow us to observe the marketing strategy and our business mechanism through a different, more detailed perspective. It enables us to make certain tweaks as we go and improve other aspects of our business in order to generate more success.

When talking about the importance of a marketing automation system, it’s impossible not to emphasize that everything is all about the customer. Engagement of leads and current customers, tailored content, and other forms of management are all done with a purpose to raise satisfaction and retain them, which would also lead to greater business success.

Above all, these systems will not follow trends from now on, and they will set them. That’s the most important change in the marketing world that is done solely because of these tools. Back in time, companies needed to hire expensive experts who would follow certain trends to boost their sales. Now, these tools will be the ones to set new trends in customer management and marketing strategies.

Advantages of Marketing Automation

As seen above, marketing automation has a tremendous impact on the success of the company and thereby marketing world itself. Let’s sum up these marketing-changing effects:

  • Faster

  • More effective

  • Accurate

  • In-depth analysis of marketing strategy

  • Greater lead generation and conversion

  • Customer retention

  • Cost-effective

  • Results available in real-time

  • Easy to use

  • Allows marketers to focus on other, more important processes

  • Allows faster improvement of the company in the competitive market today

  • Studies confirmed its efficacy

Bottom line

The use of automation system in sales & marketing is changing the marketing world in more ways than one. Not only does it accelerate the processes that used to be time-consuming, but it also increases generation and conversion of leads, retains customers, engages them, and everything is done in a cost-effective manner. We can expect more tools of this kind with the changes in tech trends and the market itself.

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