Companies that automate lead management sees at least a 10 percent increase in revenue in six to nine months. An organized flow of leads to your sales team helps to optimize their efforts, resulting in more closed deals. In a world where businesses are increasingly facing stiff competition, you should ensure proper lead management from the point of acquisition to when they are handed to the sales force. But how exactly can lead management workflow automation, help to improve sales productivity?

Here’s what to know. 

What is B2B Lead Management Automation?

Lead management automation refers to the use of tools and technologies to acquire leads, monitor prospect activities and behaviour, qualify and engage them to make them sales-ready before they are passed on to the sales team. Unlike the traditional lead management approach, the use of technology helps to integrate sales and marketing. This goes a long way in enabling you to create more qualified opportunities. 

Strategies to improve sales productivity with b2b Lead Management Automation

When implemented properly, a B2B lead management automation solution will have a direct impact on sales. However, to boost sales productivity, you need to have a rock-solid plan. Here are some strategies to try. 

Ensure efficient Lead Tracking

Lead tracking can be a time-consuming and tedious exercise, especially if you have a high volume of leads. Investing in the right lead management solution will make it easier to keep tabs on your leads, determine their position in the sales and marketing funnels, and ensure there are no leaks along the way. Tracking leads provided critical data that can contribute to efficient sales practices. 

Establish a Lead Scoring System

Using meaningful data and the relevant tools will enable you to interpret both intent and interest. When your sales team is able to identify leads that are closer to purchasing, it becomes easier for them to prioritize their efforts. A lead scoring system ranks lead to determine the most qualified ones, a factor that helps to optimize team performance. 

Focus on impactful Lead Nurturing

Nurtured leads produce 20 percent more sales opportunities. This is why you should consider engaging your target audience at every stage of their buying journey. Automation can help to remove the guesswork from the process and significantly contribute to more impactful lead nurturing. In the end, you will be able to improve both customer loyalty and sales productivity. 

Maintain constant and relevant communication

With automation, you will be in a better position to shorten lead response time. Also, technology will help you understand your prospects’ needs better so you can maintain meaningful and relevant communication with them. The sharper insights you obtain will assist in personalizing your customer interactions and creating a better customer journey. This way, you will build and maintain a relationship with your potential customers. The sales team will then come in when the timing is right. 

Improve team coordination

When your sales and marketing teams are not aligned, productivity is likely to suffer. You should use your lead management tool to obtain valuable data and keep everyone on the same page. This will reduce miscommunication and mistakes, effectively contributing to a harmonious working relationship between the two departments. The result will be a more efficient process in terms of lead generation, tracking, and conversion. 

Monitor performance closely

At the end of the day, you need to establish whether your efforts are bearing fruit. The right lead management automation solution will give you updates and generate reports. As such, you can use the system to evaluate the performance of your sales team. This information will enable you to identify weaknesses and make the necessary changes so you can improve sales productivity. 

Lead management automation will save your team valuable time. This gives your sales force ample time to pursue leads and convert them into customers. At LeadAngel, our innovative and customizable solutions are built to provide the best B2B lead management experience. Feel free to contact us to book a quick 30-minute demo meeting

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