What is lead distribution in sales? “Lead distribution is the process of automating the delivery of digital leads to lead buyers, salespeople, or third-party software solutions. When it comes to sales, lead distribution is a highly underrated process, although its benefits are numerous.” This method can reduce the turnaround time, increase transparency, improve lead quality, provide more accurate targeting, enhance sales efficiency, offer accurate revenue attribution, and so much more. Top features of a lead distribution software: You’ve probably come

Top features of a lead distribution software:

You’ve probably come across different types of software for this purpose but aren’t sure how to differentiate good from bad ones. In this post, we’re going to focus on the most important features that the best lead distribution tools or software provides.

(1) Rules-based lead routing

When a potential customer calls your business or completes a form on the website, the lead distribution tool needs to do its job properly to process this information. Ideal software for lead distribution utilizes the pre-selected routing rules to assign those prospects to the most suitable sales rep.

Users have the opportunity to choose from various criteria including product enterprise, geographic location, individual performance tomatch that specific lead to a salesperson who is most likely to get the job done or close the deal successfully. A higher likelihood of successful conversion from lead to a customer is one of the most important features to look for in lead distribution software.


Lead Distribution Software
(2) Customizability

To get the maximum out of lead distribution, you need a tool that will allow you to adapt it to your specific business. When we are talking about lead distribution in salesforce, it all comes down to understanding that you can’t and shouldn’t use too restrictive software. The ideal tool of this kind is fully customizable and contains custom fields, sales automation, custom forms, custom access right settings, email to CRM, web to CRM, call to CRM, and other tools. As a result, you are able to enter parameters that are specific to your business and thereby achieve greater results.

(3) Integrations

The primary objective of the automated lead distribution is to simplify the delivery of leads and improve their quality. What different kinds of software for lead distribution have in common is that they tend to stand on their own, and it’s not necessary to connect them to anything. That being said, integration is a practical feature that the ideal software will provide. Why? It’s simple; you should look for software that easily integrates with your CRM so that all leads and other data are in one place. The integration gives a new dimension to the software and also makes the lead distribution process more effective.

(4) Detailed reports

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear/read the word “features”? In most cases, people think of some amazing options they can launch with a click of a button.
But, lead routing and lead distribution require a well-structured strategy based on an in-depth insight provided by detailed reports.

If you’re looking for software to distribute leads, then make sure it delivers detailed reports. Ideally, the software will provide custom reports, dashboards, sales pipeline and funnel, agent activity reports, expected sales, unpaid invoices, lead sources, and more. Data provided by these reports allow you to plan the next move and stay one step ahead at all times.

(5) Automated feedback capture

The best thing about the modern world is that software keeps getting better and better, offering us tons of possibilities to make our business more functional and successful. For instance, automated feedback capture enables users to track what happens to leads when salespeople accept them. Since your goal is to get the ideal software, then it’s useful to mention it will wait a few minutes after the sales rep is notified through push notification, email, or text message. Then, it asks the sales rep to give an update to sales leaders who will modify the lead management strategy for optimal results. With this feature, the lead assignment becomes easy, effective, and fast.

(6) Availability-based lead distribution

A general misconception is that every software for lead distribution is way too expensive for a business whose finances are not that great. You’ll be happy to know that free lead distribution software is also a viable option for businesses that want to optimize the way their leads are managed, distributed, and utilized to boost sales. In most cases, free software doesn’t provide the full extent of features that paid versions to do, but it can be a great starting point.

When discussing features, your software should contain, it’s also useful to mention availability-based distribution. What does this mean? Sometimes it happens that a person to whom the lead was assigned isn’t in the office. That would mean the particular prospect is unintended until that person comes back. This is the reason why many leads are lost. With this software, the story is different; the tool checks whether the user is available. As a result, only those sales reps who are available will take the call and get new leads.

(7) Instant notifications

The speed is crucial for lead management. After all, leads need to be taken care of when they’re “hot” in order to convert them to customers fast and without too much hassle. You need a tool that will send instant notifications as soon as the new lead is assigned to some person. The sooner the notification arrives, the sooner the salesperson is able to do their job.

Bottom line

Lead distribution software is an important part of lead management, distribution, marketing strategy, and sales. The ideal software is easy to use and offers a plethora of features for users. Take some time to consider different options and compare them before you get the ideal software.

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