The ultimate goal of every company is to increase sales and yours is no exception. This begins with lead generation, which is attracting interest to your brand’s products and services. The challenge is to capture quality leads. It would be better to generate 100 meaningful leads that turn into sales, than 1,000 leads that do not pan out. 

Lead routing is the future of simplifying and increasing the efficiency of the lead routing process and closing more deals.

How Has Lead Generation Changed?

Each and every industry is becoming more and more competitive, causing a shift in the marketing world. Lead generation used to consist of mass advertising, whether it included radio commercials, television ads, mail flyers, or blanket emails. Sure you were finding some of your target audience, but let’s face it, many of your marketing dollars were going down the drain.

Lead generation is now focused on your target audience. In most cases, this is based on behavior, but it may also be based on demographics, age, gender, etc. With a laser focus on your target audience, the leads you receive are valuable. Those who make inquiries into your product have a genuine interest, meaning they expect a response rather quickly. This is where lead routing software comes into play.

What is Lead Routing Software?

Traditional routing often contributes to leads becoming lost in cyberspace or inefficient handling of them, resulting in leads that are not followed up on in a reasonable amount of time. This directly translates into a loss of customers. LeadAngel lead routing software makes the process of capturing and following up on leads much more efficient. Click here  to see LeadAngel in action. It automatically takes action on each lead based on a set of rules custom to your organizational structure and needs.

How Does Lead Routing Software Work?

Lead routing software uses state-of-the-art technology to maximize leads while simplifying and automating the process. For starters, cases are used to identify every possible route that leads can originate from. You have the ability to customize your lead routing rules based on your business’s needs and goals. This means you are able to treat different leads accordingly. Each company has general accounts and high-priority accounts. With lead routing software, you are able to separate out VIP leads and route them to different people or departments within the company. Choose which leads go to which team members or even choose to route certain leads to an Interrupt Service Routine (ISR). An easy to use drag-and-drop interface allows you to easily customize even the most complex lead routing rules. You can create as many routing rules as you deem necessary.

Save Time and Resources

Time is money. You do not want nor have the ability to spend countless hours manually entering data. LeadAngel lead routing software significantly reduces the time needed for manual input by you and your team. Through the use of fine-tuned algorithms, you can control which levels of administration are privy to which information, automatically fill in data gaps based on geographical location and breakdown industries into more precise segments so that potential consumers see the products that are the most relevant to them.

Second-to-None Algorithms

Cutting edge Fuzzy match algorithms automate the lead routing process by offering an intuitive interface to create complex rules for routing leads, closed-loop reporting, and the intelligence to constantly improve your lead routing systems behind the scenes without having to lift a finger.

Ability to Integrate

You are not restricted to just one platform with LeadAngel lead routing software. Enjoy seamless integration across multiple platforms such as Salesforce and other CRMS platforms for optimal performance.

Step Into the Future of Lead Routing

Lead generation is one of the most important aspects of your business. LeadAngel lead routing software makes closing deals easier by allowing for the automation of routing leads to the desired location for the appropriate action. Our software means leads will no longer get lost in cyberspace or lost to inefficient handling. Schedule a demo today and see for yourself how our lead routing software can take your leads from potential consumers to happy clients!

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