Like legos help build a lego house, sales help build your business. While legos are easy to track even in a dark room, it’s quite easy to lose track of leads. If you’re unable to track your leads and respond to them right away, you might lose them. That’s why to the rescue, we have a lead distribution system that can cater to the neglected leads. But how does a lead distribution system work in engaging your leads? And how do you put a lead distribution system to work for your sales reps team? Let’s find out.

Lead Distribution Software – Overview and Functionality

Lead distribution empowers businesses to connect with their target market. When teams are unfamiliar with the leads a business is getting, they distribute them to other teams. Lead distribution involves marketing research, data analysis, and other activities that enable companies to identify and reach out to customers interested in their product or service.

While lead distribution involves assigning incoming leads to different sales reps, it is much more than that. It also ensures that the lead is assigned to a rep who is the perfect match to seal the deal. Leads are different, and so are sales reps, so it is essential to match them well to ensure the deal is closed. A practical lead distribution strategy can do wonders for your business.

Lead distribution aims to enable sales reps to find leads that match their expertise and experience and ensure that the lead flow is balanced.

Distributing leads to each rep depends on their workload and knowledge, either manually or automatically. Specific leads can also be closed by other sales reps irrelevant to the particular need, so it is essential to keep in mind the number of leads each sales rep is assigned.

There are two types of lead distribution methods –

1. In a Manual Lead Distribution System or pull-based lead distribution system, leads are assigned as per the rep’s expertise.

The system doesn’t automatically assign leads, but sales reps will pull leads to your business. This is somewhat workable for small companies or business starters but can cause chaos in the expansion phase.

Manual lead distribution isn’t significantly scalable, is prone to errors, and can limit the lead nurturing opportunities – resulting in loss of revenue.

2. Another option is an automated – or push-based or automated lead distribution system.

Lead routing rules define the distribution method in the Automated Lead Distribution method. Lead routing rules are often set up by the company and work on criteria that decide the lead assignment to sales reps. The requirements may range from language, the product, service, and availability.

With this, the lead distribution system assigns leads to the sales reps and ensures it is dealt with well. This is scalable, efficient, and ideal to improve your lead response time.

When Should You Use Lead Distribution Software?

If you are dealing with many leads flowing in, you may want to go with an automated lead distribution system.

A lead distribution software can essentially assist you in automating the distribution of those leads. Here are the many advantages you have while using a lead distribution system:

  • Saves time through automation

As has been done in the past, distributing leads manually takes a significant amount of time. The prospect may get disinterested in the process at any point during the process.

When compared to this, lead distribution software distributes leads in real-time. Automated data collection, routing to your CRM, and pairing with the appropriate sales representative are all features that help you save precious time.

  • Increases conversions, sales, and revenue

Using lead distribution software helps generate inbound leads while also fostering a positive relationship between leads and sales representatives. It helps simplify the funnel, and the increase in interaction encourages prospects to learn more about what your company has to offer. More conversions are made as a result of this.

As leads become more focused, a lead-generating system will assist you in increasing your sales volume. To make the most money, you must be able to sell leads to the ideal clients at the right time and prioritize those clients who are willing to pay the most for each lead to maximize revenue.

  • Reduces manual errors

After a while, as a business grows, it becomes impossible to sell leads to all of your clients manually. You will almost certainly make mistakes unless you employ software to handle all lead analysis and distribution.

With good lead distribution software, you will be able to avoid any types of manual errors as the system will be automated and precise. Moreover, it makes the work of sales reps easier.

By being more open about the lead’s lifespan, using a lead distribution platform may assist you in building trust. You’ll be able to identify where a lead came from or how it came about. You should be able to readily access all of the information connected with every given lead while using lead distribution software.

Build a Highly Efficient Sales Process with a Robust Lead Distribution Software System

A lead distribution platform like LeadAngel assists you in reaching every one of your leads and routing them strategically by prioritizing and optimizing their course through the system. The platform can empower you to turbocharge your sales – from efficient lead routing to data cleanup and reporting, there’s a lot that you can do with this lead management system in place. Further, it’s 100% secure, easy to set up, and can work with any CRM of your choice.

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